WanamLite LSE V14.3 Android 4.1.2 Aroma Installer & Smooth & Rock Stable

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Galaxy S2, GT-I9100 Only!

[Image: 2usrmzx] Based on latest Jelly Bean base LSE
[Image: 2usrmzx] Stock Repacked Philz LSE kernel (Safe, Fixed bootloop bug)
[Image: 2usrmzx] LS8 Modem (optional)
[Image: 2usrmzx] Trimmed 23 Toggles names
[Image: 2usrmzx] Multi-CSC (136 CSC)
[Image: 2usrmzx] 4 Shortcuts on Lock screen
[Image: 2usrmzx] Maybe other things i don’t remember

Download (MD5: 11DCF7B03AF91921536EE8A934CA1E45).

Mirror (thanks to Romcook)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/dani.fri.12 Dani Fri

    Hi thanks for this rom !
    I just want to know if it’s a odexed or deodexed rom version ?
    Thanks for your reply

  • MJS

    hello there i downloaded your ROM yesterday trying to solve my battery drainage problem but after using it the drainage increased the mobile uses about 10% of battery in about 30 minutes without doing anything much please help
    this began after upgrading from gingerbread to jellybean

  • Dave

    any chance to get hebrew support for this version?

  • http://www.facebook.com/torsten.der.koenig Torsten König

    Hey Wanam, nice rom, as usual. Any hope for a cifs/nfs enabled kernel, as you did with for the Note 2? Thanks again,

  • Andrew

    Good work! There is a version with blue theme?

  • rasto

    Your rom is the best. Is TV OUT trough mhl adapter supported? Because after flash, when I use my hdmi adapter, I can´t see any output on my TV. On stock 4.1.2 there wasn´t any problem…

  • Fahd CHRAIBI

    salut Wanam, tout d’abord un très grand MERCI à toi pour toutes tes roms. le tout est parfait et rock stable, j’adore cette expression. au fait je viens d’installer cette ROM sur un S2 I9100P, le tout marche nickel, mais parfois je sens des lenteurs de wifi comme si le débit est étranglé. est ce que c’est possible d’adapter la prochaine version aussi pour ce modèle ? Merci d’avance wanam.

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  • 6rill2000

    Can you please do an update based on the new LSN Firmware ? I’ll test it for you if you wan’t ^^ Please, please, pleeeease !

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Planned this week.

  • Alosimbay

    which way to capture screen? It’s not volume down+power.

  • http://www.facebook.com/citymen34 Kaan Demir

    Hi wanam are you the best man. big thanks. i love your rom. please make new XWLSN. big thanks. your roms very stable and very speed.
    Please add ripple on / off in settings,
    Add original toggle and notification panel settings
    Add ink effect and settings
    Add multivindow and settings (Because old multiwindow work perfect but lost sync toggle.)
    Please add your rom.

    Thank you again and again.

    Sorry my bad English.

  • wajahat

    how can i download this

  • http://www.facebook.com/Simon65 Simon Slater

    Any chance of a new 14.4?

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1544487 new Nordic Firmware.

  • Guest

    Thanks for this rom ! I’ve just a question : Have you edit the autorisation system ? I can run an app who need to be signed, as simple app. Just whant to know if that come from this rom or from something else. Thanks.

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      The signature check is disabled if you are using 23 Toggles only, otherwise it’s enabled.
      It was disabled (as stated on previous changelogs) because i need to add more permissions to SystemUI to get the FlashLight and Reboot toggles working.

  • Mackai

    Hi Wanam, I have one question, when You want close this ROM? I wait for the last stable version. :-)

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Why do you think it will be discontinued? there is no last version.

      • Mackai

        Because You said: “- I want to keep it stable and close to stock”

        I understand that You want release last stable version soon. :-) But my English is so bad that I maybe don’t understand You.

  • Rodrigo Rocha

    Hello Wanam, nice job!

    I got just only one minor issue, sometimes the keyboard back to samsung keyboard instead Swiftkey.

  • http://www.facebook.com/storojkov Dima Storojkov

    Hey There! Does anyone get SIM network unlock PIN? When the phone starts? Brazilian TIM standard code 1010 doesn’t work!

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Did you try GalaxSim?

      • http://www.facebook.com/storojkov Dima Storojkov

        Is there a free version of it?

    • Marcel Dumitru

      I did get that when I moved from WanamLite v12 to WanamLite v14. I could unlock the phone with GalaxSimUnlock. (I did try few more other apps before that, but none could give me a good code.)

      Wanam, I’m kind of scared to upgrade from v14.0 to v14.3 to not have this happening again… The GalaxSimUnlock dev doesn’t guarantee his app will unlock the same phone more than once. What do you think? Will there be any problem?

      Thank you.

  • 6rill2000

    Thank you for this almost perfect rom ! My S2 seem’s to have reborn !!

    (The only problem I have is my keyboard : SwiftKey, everytime I reboot, the SwiftKey keyboard is replaced by the Samsung’s one, I have to reset SwiftKey as default in the Settings..Even after a full wipe.. I don’t understand, am I the only one who have this problem ?)

    I just saw a new rom LSJ on Sammobile, you have said that LSJ was a leak so perhaps it’s a new version no ? (PDA : I9100XWLSJ – CSC : i9100OXXLS7)

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      I didn’t manage to get a device for tests yet, once i get it i will check this FW.

      • JFR

        Plzz can you make it with I9100XWLSJ??
        Thanks for your work, Jazaka Allah khair

  • http://www.facebook.com/VolkovAlexa Volkov Alexander

    This is the best rom I’d ever use. Do you planing to add more features?
    Thank you very much!!!!

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Actually it’s not easy to add more features for 2 reasons:
      – I don’t own the device
      – I want to keep it stable and close to stock

      • vol4ikman

        Yes. I understand that. But thank you anyway.

  • android user

    Dear wanam. A few days ago i installed LSE 14.3 on my galaxy s2. Eversince the phone get very hot! just underneeth the camera module. Also my battery life is very bad. Only 6 hours while barely using the phone.
    I allready tried factory reset and when that didin’t help i reflashed the rom. Bud it doens’t seem to be doing anything.
    do you have any advice for me?

    Friendly Regards

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Try to get a detailed reports about your battery usage, use BetterBatteryStats.

  • citymen34

    Hi wanam. you is the best. please make new firmware 14.4 thank you. same changelist but build date 26 Feb.
    new I9100XWLSJ_I9100OXXLS7_NEE on SamMobile
    changelist 889555



    date Tue Feb 26

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      I will check this FW next week.

  • Muhammad Al Fahad

    some times i lost my Network signal fully when i use Data network.
    Is there anyway to fix it ?
    to clear that i Reinstall the rom again and again

    help me

  • shaher

    طيب ياليت برضو في موقع ..

    عشان الرومات الثانيه تقتدي بك .

    هذا قصدي

  • shaher

    شكرا لك .. ياليت تكتب المميزات بالعربي ..

    آفتخر !!

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      المميزات باللغة العربية أطرحها في المنتدى الكفي ce4arab.com

  • antenna

    Hello Thanks for the great firmware! there is one problem. The power button turns off the phone with a short press. it is inconvenient and at the completion of a call my phone 3-4 times a day off. how to add a menu, as in the old firmware? how to increase the time you press the button to turn off? thanks in advance, you’re the best.

  • Father’s Eye

    Very nice work. Used it for about a week now and can never go back. Thank you very much for your efforts. I have found some minor issues though if you are interested. I did a full wipe of everything install.

    1) It could just be my phone or something I have done but the screen is eating my battery. The settings->battery info is always reporting screen as >60% of the used data which is much higher than with my last rom (one of your last ics roms). Better battery stats doesn’t show anything unusual in the wake locks. The auto dimming setting really doesn’t seem to work very well. The screen is always much brighter than it needs to be.

    2) when I tried to set up a bluetooth keyboard it wouldn’t work because the pop up telling me the number to enter didn’t appear until I put in some number. Then it would pop up telling me that paring had failed and tell me the number I should have entered. It works fine with a PC/mac and hands free car kit.

    3) the multi windows resize doesn’t work. Or at least it doesn’t seem to. To be honest I can’t really see how I would use it any way.

    Thanks again for a great rom.

  • DonAsad

    how to install this rom on my sgs2???

  • kwiet

    “m missing the sg3 lockscreen

  • RomuloAlves

    there are only 9 toggles on my statusbar, how can i add more toggles?

  • SonGoku1

    i can’t lock screen. why wanam?

  • Andrés

    Hi Wanam. The multiwindow es buggy. I have a pic.

    • versosarcanos

      There is a horizontal line between the windows, when I move the line not working properly. Wanam their roms are great. I think this is a bug.

  • Yoram

    Thank you Wanam fro your great work

  • https://www.google.com/profiles/113160477902460057921 Saif Miah

    Phone randomly decided to get stuck on samsung boot logo, only boots into Recovery and Download mode….I cannot mount storage via recovery,….What do you sugggest? thanks

    • ciceroripi

      I had the same problem with all 4.1 versions… the only thing that got me back is a full wipe… Sad.. realy sad…

      • genothomas


    • genothomas

      Even me I’m also facing the same problem with LSE also. Sometimes, when I restarts my phone it got stuck at samsung logo, sometimes it’s keeping on rebooting. I think, almost all 4.1.2 ROMs having the same problem. I’m using PhilZ kernel v.4.64, the one it’s coming with this ROM by default.

      • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

        @genothomas You mean you get stuck with the default kernel?

        • genothomas

          @Wanam  @genothomas sometimes.. so again I should wipe everything for make it working.

      • TahaKhatir

        same probleme with me with all kernels !!! i’m using now cm 10.1 (but i prefer stock roms like wanam)
        did you find a solution for the probleme ?

  • Ilya J.

    Thanks a lot! Nice present on 23 February :*

  • fubo

    Unfortunately updating from 14.1 to 14.3 failed (keeps restarting Samsung logo with blue circle) :( Had to start from stcratch… Wisely I did a backup of all apps…

    • fubo

      Wait a moment! I just found that package (I downloaded from S2) was not matching MD5!!! Now I downloaded again (from PC) and it matches… Damn!

  • Bogdan

    Great! Thanks! Need full wipe after 14.2?

  • Mascruni

    EUREKA!! New Rom… very…very ..thank´s
    Muchisimas gracias!!

    battery consumption is perfect…Yea!!