WanamLite XXUFMB3 V6.0 Android 4.2.1 Aroma Installer Clean & Smooth

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Galaxy S3, GT-I9300 Only!

This is a LEAK! a Wipe Data is Highly recommended


Features :
Based on latest Jelly bean leak (XXUFMB3)
Deodexed & Rooted & Zipaligned
Unlimited SMS recipient list & disabled conversion sms to mms
Repacked & Tweaked & Secure stock kernel (init.d support)
Automatic SMS encoding (Arabic and other utf-8 encoding support)
Tweaked Pegasusq Governor for better Battery life
Disabled scrolling cache
Removed some bloatware (available on Aroma installer)
Large APN list
No incremental ringtone
Clean build.prop for best Market compatibility
Stock Keyboard with all supported languages enabled
Hacked Stock Email App
Latest SuperSu update (V1.10)
Enabled all supported languages
Multi CSC (+136)
No SMS on Call logs
Enabled Exit button to browser
Enabled Call button on Contacts and Logs (optional)
Unlimited Contacts joining
Arabic/Hebrew Right to Left Fix (optional)
Enabled Call button on Contacts and Logs (optional)
Enabled Shutter sound menu on Camera
Disabled Shutter sound on Apps
Enabled Camera during Call
BUEMA1 modem (optional)
Auto wipe cache & dalvik-cache before flashing
More to come…

Todo (No ETA):
4 way reboot
Call recording
Unlimited MultiView
Skip media with volume button
23 Toggles

Download (MD5: BDAB81EE227FBE9A01D2DD40250E87D0).

Mirror (Thanks to RomCook).

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  • Andrea

    Scusate si può installare anche su I9305 ?

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  • http://hasan.khyber.org hasan ali khattak

    has anybody tried note2 camera app and also the note2 keyboard with the leaked 4.2.1 rom (XXUFMB3)

  • Mahmoud Hussein

    Hello Wanam,

    Any near future update for this rom,

    appreciate your great efforts


  • EnricoMigliara

    Wanam, little curiosity: is present in the kernel of this leaked 4.2.1 the fix for the sds?
    Thx for your work 😀

  • hasanalikhattak

    @Wanam is it possible to have SNOTE2 app and SNOTE2 keyboard working on this rom.

  • Karim Ahmed

    Wanam, After I wiped and  flashed the Rom and it did not boot just stayed on the boot screen for long time, it did the same thing on the Omega Rom with 4.2.1 base, when I reverted back to wanam 5.5 it worked fine, am I missing something here?

  • kefran1664

    Its not Best version officielle wanamlite but i wait à New version !! 😉
    Bug = lockscreen
    Slide to calling
    And Best battery
    Thanks wanam

  • http://www.ringcentral.com/virtual-pbx/index.html PBX

    Great. I’ll download this and try this one out.

  • mahmoudhussein80

    Just a suggestion, why you do not add some 3rd part program to your rom (as a replacement for stock one or to be as built in programs)?
    Email: i think INOMAIL is the best and valuable email client support POP.
    Dialer and Contacts: Go contacts EX is the best.
    Message: Go SMS pro.
    WIFI: Smart WIFI Troggler
    Social: Facebook and twitter are the most common.
    Themes: Espire Launcher and Nova Launcher.

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      @mahmoudhussein80 All those apps are available on the Play Store!

    • KyleHighwind

      @mahmoudhussein80 Please…, not everyone has the same idea as you. If you are too lazy to install those apps again, then use titanium backup or something similar.

  • sommart

    @Wanam  I like your Rom and continue using your Rom again.Waiting for your TODO

  • duba500

    Wanam, i love your roms and after i have try’d several – this is the best…so thanks for that.
    Can you presume when the RC.v.6.0 (I9300) will be final & stable?
    Wish you the best…

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      @duba500 You have to wait for official Sammy release.

      • duba500

        @Wanam  @duba500 What do you mean “Sammy”? (samsung?)

        • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

          @duba500 Yes.

  • mahmoudhussein80

    Hello Wanam
    Really i am appreciating your great work and follow up your ROM as i consider it the best ROM i try
    However; i just notice two points on your last Rom 4.2.1 version 6
    1- Charging become too slow.
    2- SMS application (Go SMS Pro) stop working and stock SMS program as well
    Please advise

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      @mahmoudhussein80  Did you wipe your Data? a Wipe is a must.

      • mahmoudhussein80

        @Wanam  @mahmoudhussein80 i assume data wip automatically i will check and back to you

        • mahmoudhussein80

          I did like what you advise, really appreciate your advise and great thanks for your real efforts.

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  • http://wanamlite.com Wanam


  • https://www.google.com/profiles/115738279613452740478 Mohammed Mateen Muzaffar Awan

    Can I install WanamLite MR2 V5.8 over this ? I need the call recording functionality. :)

    • wanam

      No! a wipe data is required if you want to downgrade.

  • asagrim

    What does ETA mean ? :-)

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      No Estimated Time of Arrival :)

  • greenman

    Dies anyone know where Developer options/usb debugging is on 4.2.1?
    Thank you Wanam for your great roms. :)

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      Go to the About Phone and tap on the Build Number 7 times.

  • Ahmed

    Thanks wanam for the update , you are the best but i have to say to ppl this is a test ROM and it is not recommended to update to this version… alot of bugs, S Planer FC while using the widget, Voice commands FC, Messages FC in some cases, Laggy ….so if you want to update, do not blame wanam for those issues because it is leaked version and still not stable.

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      A Wipe Data is Highly recommended.

  • Ahmed

    will it is working but laggy, you have to swipe from the center of the contact

  • Ahmed

    Swipe to call is not working….only swipe to send message

  • http://www.xq55.co www.xq55.co

    الله يعطيك العافية وجزيت خيرا اخي الكريم

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      وأنت من أهل الجزاء

  • JoaKoo

    Gracias loco te pasastee!! ya lo estoy descargando…

  • franck1664

    problem with email apps (default) stopped everytime !
    i return to 5.8 !!

  • https://www.google.com/profiles/115738279613452740478 Mohammed Mateen Muzaffar Awan

    I installed your other ROM on my Galaxy Note II it was rock stable with allot of features like call recording and notification bar modifications. So I decided to install THIS ROM for my father’s Galaxy S3 how ever it seems that this does not have call recording and other good options. Also I do not know why but my father’s S3 is acting weird.
    I want to revert to an older ROM for my father. Do you suggest installing WanamLite MR2 V5.8 over this ? Would it cause any issues? Big thanks for your work :). Also I do not want to wipe data because this is the first time I installed a ROM. Before it was just stock. :)

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      This is a LEAK! you have to wipe if you want to downgrade otherwise just restore your backup.

  • Atilla

    hi bro thankyou very good rom

  • Atilla

    hi bro Thankyou very good

  • agabey_42

    wanam very good. 23 toogles status bar, and mobile data 2g/3g buttons please.

  • agabey_42

    Hello mate. very good. Thank you very much.

    23 Toogle please. I am waiting.