WanamLite XXDMB4 V3.1 Final Android 4.1.2 Clean & Stable

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Galaxy Note 2 , GT-N7100 only!

This build is a Final version of the test build V3.1 based on MB4.


This update include my built from sources kernel “Adam” with Crt TV Off support, you still can choose stock kernel from Aroma if you need it.

Adam Kernel Features :
[Image: pic.png] Based on Samsung Sources Update 2
[Image: pic.png] Built with Stock MB4 InitRamfs
[Image: pic.png] Added Init.d Support
[Image: pic.png] Added Crt TV off support

Rom Change log:
[Image: pic.png] Enabled more CSC Features
[Image: pic.png] Disabled Logging (Optional)
[Image: pic.png] Disabled Number formatting on the Dialer
[Image: pic.png] Removed Unlimited Multiview from Aroma it’s a core feature now
[Image: pic.png] Memory/CPU tweaks
[Image: pic.png] Enabled Crt TV Off animation support (optional)
[Image: pic.png] Update Root files (SuperSU v1.20)
[Image: pic.png] More CSC 137.
[Image: pic.png] Other things i don’t remember.



MD5: B23597BE6D871F27F61BD81B012FB01F

If you are on the previous build test V3.1, and want to activate Crt-TV Off animation without downloading full Rom

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  • Hka Shi

    pls can post for me the rom again bec cannot download the zip