WanamLite XXEMR2 V5.9 Android 4.1.2 Clean & Stable

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Galaxy S3 , GT-I9300 only!


This update include my built from sources kernel “Adam” with Crt TV Off support, you still can choose stock kernel from Aroma if you need it.

Adam Kernel Features :
[Image: pic.png] Based on Samsung Sources Update 8
[Image: pic.png] Built with Stock MR2 InitRamfs
[Image: pic.png] Added Init.d Support
[Image: pic.png] Added Crt TV off support

Rom Change log:
[Image: pic.png] Enabled more CSC Features
[Image: pic.png] Disabled Logging (Optional)
[Image: pic.png] Fixed Media skip with Volume keys
[Image: pic.png] Disabled Number formatting on the Dialer
[Image: pic.png] Removed Unlimited Multiview from Aroma it’s a core feature now
[Image: pic.png] Memory/CPU tweaks
[Image: pic.png] Enabled Crt TV Off animation support (optional)
[Image: pic.png] Update Root files (SuperSU v1.20)
[Image: pic.png] More CSC 137.
[Image: pic.png] Other things i don’t remember.

Download: GT-I9300_WanamLite.XXEMR2.V5.9.NO-WIPE .zip

MD5: 3F0BE20FB443155C346FA221A6AADF9B

If you need to Disable Skip Media mod : GT-I9300_WanamLite.XXEMR2.DisableMediaSkip

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  • nicohak

    the words are not enough to thank you. great great job you do. THANK YOU !

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      You are welcome.

  • duba500

    I installed the 5.9 version…
    When i go to: Settings -> Sound -> Volume …. if i touch (ONLY) the volume – it cause to Collapse (crash) … system is stopping.
    I already found another 2 persons (in another forum) that mentioning they suffering from the same issue.
    I have a GT-I9300.
    Is it a “known bug”?
    Thank you!

  • mario_jr

    How can I set swipe to be the default keyboard after reboot.

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  • ehog

    Now, Media skip with Volume keys is working without changing volume, but now the volume doesn’t changes when I want to use it on the normal way (Absolutely disabled volume changing)

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      @ehog Check my comments bellow.

  • clutchless

    Hi wanam,The clock alarm don’t work correctly.The alarm sound effected by the phone properties. If i choose vibrate in the notification bar, the alarm will vibrate even if i choose “melody” under the alarm setting.Please advise how to fix this. (I almost late to work today because of it)

    • clutchless

      p.s.I”m using Siyah kernel and JKay mod

    • clutchless

      I found the problem.
      The clock app have option: sound in silent mode.
      For some reason the default in your rom is different then in stock.
      Thanks anyway.

      • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

        @clutchless Maybe because i enabled this menu on V5.9, did you check if this menu is enabled on stock Roms?

        • clutchless

          @Wanam No, i didn’t check. it’s the first time i facing this issue so i never search for this menu.
          I must say i had another problems since flashed your rom. i used Adam kernel (with No CRT effect)  and when i pressed the lock screen button, the screen dimmed before completely off instead of immediately off. It was annoying. The scrolling between home screens feels a bit slow too.
          I flashed Siyah kernel, it solve the immediately off screen. Uncheck Gentle_Fair_Sleepers in STweaks solved the slow scrolling between home screens.
          Now i have another issue, i hope it is the last one because i like your rom and don’t want to replace it. when the phone is idle for some time and i start use the internet (3G) it’s take a while until the connection start. i get gray H for couple seconds and just then the colored arrows arrives and the connection start.
          I flash another modem (from my carrier rom), the signal is better but the problem stays.
          Any advise?thank you very much for your hard work

        • clutchless

          @Wanam p.s.
          you really should change the alarm defaults or at least mention it in the rom thread.
          who knows how many people late to work because of it :)

        • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

          @clutchless Thanks, i will revert it to default on the upcoming updates.

  • atilla3535

    hi wanam how to make crt effect disabled thanks

    • clutchless

      Uncheck it in AROMA installer.
      If you using JKay mod you can set it on and off with Deluxe Setting.

  • oorrnn2

    After a full wipe and installing 5.9 the device doesn’t  recognize ext. sd card do you know how should i fix this?

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      @oorrnn2 64Go? if so select stock kernel from Aroma installer.

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  • paco400

    hello! I have a problem with the headphones, I can change the music, but the volume does not go up when you turn off the screen.

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      @paco400 That’s why i’m posting the “Disable media skip” patch, this mod needs an update and it should be ok for all other audio Apps.

  • RomCooks
  • kispaksi

    the “Adam” kernel doesn’t work fine…no see my 64gb Sandisk, just the original kernel! :/

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      @kispaksi It’s built from sources, and it doesn’t support ExtFat.

      • kispaksi

        @Wanam  @kispaksi :( other way to CRT animation?

        • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

          @kispaksi Use Siyah or Perseus, i will check the ExtFat support later.

  • AndreasDeppenbrock
  • Jay_Padilla_

    Wanam how can i get the account icon on my contact app list (like skype, fb, twitter) instead  of the dial icon or just nothing (hope you understand what i mean). downloading your last rom. following since S2.

  • ronaldoguedess


  • kispaksi

    is this Aroma?

    • http://wanamlite.com Wanam

      @kispaksi Yes, all my Roms use Aroma.

      • kispaksi

        @Wanam thanks!