Adam Kernel V1.3 exFAT, CIFS, NFS support – I9300

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/!\ This Kernel works only for Galaxy S3 (i9300) with Samsung 4.1.2 Roms Only /!\

 /!\ Flash it at your own Risk /!\


There are no tweaks or patches included, the main goal of this kernel is to keep it close to stock.


CIFS and NFS support (modules located on “/lib/modules”)
exFAT support
Built from Samsung sources Update8 (Sudden death and Exynos fixes included)
Built with XXEMB5 Initramfs
Init.d support
Added support for Crt-Tv Off Animation (thanks to Codeworkx and Perka)

Thanks to: Samsung; Dsixda; Codeworkx; Perka; Andreilux; GokhanMoral

Downloads :


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  • ol2tmx

    Hi Wanem,

    many thx for providing Adam kernel. This will hel me using NFS on my Galaxy S3. While trying to load the nfs module I went into problems:

    # modprobe nfs
    modprobe: can’t change directory to ‘3.0.31-Adam-1.3+’: No such file or directory

    # modprobe sunrpc
    modprobe: can’t change directory to ‘3.0.31-Adam-1.3+’: No such file or directory

    using insmod works for sunrpc module
    # insmod /lib/modules/sunrpc.ko

    # lsmod | grep sun

    sunrpc 170586 0 – Live 0x00000000

    but not for nfs module
    # insmod /lib/modules/nfs.ko
    insmod: init_module ‘nfs.ko’ failed (No such file or directory

    Some of the problem are due to the missing ‘3.0.31-Adam-1.3+’ -directory in /lib/modules and the missing modules dependency. The man problem seems to be with the ‘nfs.ko’ module. Does it need some other modules to be preloaded?

    • Juan Jesus Marquez Pacheco

      1. insmod cifs.ko
      2. insmod sunrpc.ko
      3. insmod lockd.ko
      4. insmod nfs.ko

      this work for me

      • Olaf Menzel

        Hi Juan,

        loading the modules were always fine, but I could not mount anyhow. I tired the mount manager but it failed. After that I tried using the console with the build-in mount command. It failed as well:

        – # mount -t nfs mynfsserver:/exported_dir /mnt/test
        – mount complained with the unknown parameter ‘-t’

        – I continued with the busybox mount command and it seems to work better but it still could not mount:
        – busybox mount complained about using the DNS name
        – # /system/xbin/mount -t 192.168.x.x:/exported_dir /mnt/test

        –> there still some issues:
        – I have added some options and played around with them and now it works fine from cli :-)
        -# /system/xbin/mount -o nolock,ro,hard,intr,vers=3 -t 192.168.x.x:/exported_dir /mnt/test

        Now I am trying to integrate these options into the mount manager.

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  • Dong Friginal Aguillana

    hi wanam, we waiting for your stable 4.2.1 i hope sammy will release the official one sooner..

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      I hope so

  • mustafa

    Thanks wanam.
    Will you add ntfs support to this karnel

    • Mohamed KARAMI

      I think you can use Cifs to mount a Ntfs file system!

  • GilExorcistStein

    Thanks wanam! exFAT support works great! Quadrent went up from 4200 with stock kernel to 6000+ with adam kernel v1.3!

  • Riyami

    hi wanam
    maybe you should include it  in the latest romGalaxy S 3 (International)  I9300ZNEMB2    4.1.2    28.02.2013       1010514

    • Wanam

      Riyami I think it’s a Chinese FW, and according to it’s size i guess it doesn’t include GApps and most of usual languages.