Adam Kernel V2.0

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/!\ This Kernel works only for GalaxyS3 and Galaxy Note2  /!\
/!\ I9300 & N7100 & N7105 with Samsung 4.1.2 Roms Only /!\

 /!\ Flash it at your own Risk /!\


I have merged my Note2 sources branch into my Galaxy S3 one, both are now based on the Update 8 of the official Samsung kernel sources, with Sudden death and Exynos bug fixes included.

The 3 kernels (I9300/N7100/N7105) are now built from the same branch.


Merged Note2 kernel sources into my Galaxy S3 branch (based on Update8 with SDS and Exynos bug fixes)
Faster USB charging (700mAh) Revert to Stock values (for more safety and stability)
Enabled Swap support Disabled, useless and may slow down the System
Enabled ARM CPU topology
Enabled Car Dock charging
CIFS and NFS support (modules located on “/lib/modules”)
exFAT support
Built from Samsung sources Update8 (Sudden death & Exynos bug fixes  included)
Built with Stock XXDMB6 (N7100), XXEMB5(I9300), XXDMB3(N7105) Initramfs
Init.d support
Added support for Crt-Tv Off Animation (thanks to Codeworkx and Perka)

Thanks to: Samsung; Dsixda; Codeworkx; Perka; Andreilux; GokhanMoral

  • If you want to load “NFS” module you have to load required modules “sunrpc” then lockd”.
  • Adam 2.0.1 for Note2 was built from the Note2 sources.
Galaxy 3:
Galaxy Note2:
Galaxy Note2 LTE:


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  • Noshaba Mushtaq

    bad will brick ur screen..

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      What file did you flash for what device?

  • Umair Safdar

    i will try

  • Attila Hagen

    Hallo Wanam,

    After having installed Adam Kernel on my SG3 I can’t mount my microSDHC 64 GB SanDisk card though it is exFAT formated. I had to revert to Stock kernel. Will there be a fix for it?

  • Gustavo Sanabria

    Are there any OC features enabled on this ROM? How about audio improvements such as the ones on Siyah Kernel?

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Planned Boeffla sound engine on v2.1, i’m testing it now :)

  • Guillaume

    flashing this just fucked up my note 2. had to reflash the ROM please check the file

  • Joel

    Awesome work wanam… Adam Kernel is simply amazing…

  • Арби Хозуев

    Please Mohamed add the Boeffla Sound. It will be cool of course

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      It will be added on V2.1.

  • Hicham Sabihi

    Salam Wanam,

    It’s compatible with ROM WANAM 6.1 MR2 S3 ?

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Yes, it is.