Adam Kernel V2.1

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/!\ This Kernel works only for GalaxyS3 and Galaxy Note2  /!\
/!\ I9300 & N7100 & N7105 & I317 with Samsung 4.1.2 Roms Only /!\

 /!\ Flash it at your own Risk /!\


Some users got a boot loops after merging Note2 and GS3 sources, so i decided to revert the merge and keep each one branch per device for more safety, it’s not easy to maintain both of them and keep updating the Rom :) but i will keep it this way for now.


Boeffla sound App support (Thanks to AndiP)
Battery charging control (AndreiLux implementation, Big thanks to him) (Port Detecting and Self-Enumerating Charger)
Reduce Battery monitor wakelocks (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Added the primitive IO schedulers: SIO & ZEN (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Both Note 2 kernels are now based the official Samsung GNote2 sources U2
GS3 kernel is based the official Samsung GS3 sources U8

Merged Note2 kernel sources into my Galaxy S3 branch (Merging both branches caused some random boot loops)
Faster USB charging (700mAh) Revert to Stock values (for more safety and stability)
Enabled Swap support Disabled, useless and may slow down the System
Enabled Car Dock charging
CIFS and NFS support (modules located on “/lib/modules”)
exFAT support
Built from Samsung sources Update8 (Sudden death & Exynos bug fixes  included)
Built with Stock XXDMB6 (N7100), XXEMB5(I9300), XXDMB3(N7105) Initramfs
Init.d support
Added support for Crt-Tv Off Animation (thanks to Codeworkx and Perka)

Thanks to: Samsung; Dsixda; Codeworkx; Perka; Andreilux; GokhanMoral; AndiP

NB: If you want to load “NFS” module you have to load required modules “sunrpc” then lockd”.
Galaxy 3:
Galaxy Note2:
Galaxy Note2 LTE (It support N7105 and I317):


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  • Rod

    how do i flash it ?

  • Naveed Ansari

    today i have update this rom WanamLite XXDMB6 V3.3 Android 4.1.2 rom works fine but when i flash Adam Kernel V2.1 kernel also works fine but main problem is Boeffla sound App is saying this kernel is not supported
    before when im on WanamLite XXDMB4 V3.1 Final Android 4.1.2 kernel works fine wit Boeffla sound App works too reply me what the problem

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  • Mustafa

    hi wanam bro…
    I use to have a nokia N8 – and played my songs directly from the phone to the
    radio using the FM transmitter. but cant seem to find something simmular for the

    Does if have one? – tried downloading apps – but all of them does’nt
    work. seems like….i dont know
    any ideas???

  • mohamad

    hi mohamad,iam downloading ur rom now and should i flash the adam kernel too????iam runing dr akrim rom now and should i do full wipe before flashing yr rom???? and flashing rom and after flashing kernel??? ur rom have multi screen add app or must flash it too????

  • Арби Хозуев

    Hi Mohamed! Dou you planned to update your kernel ? Some features to add or delete some for optimization and so on. It will be cool i think. Please tell! Good luck

  • MSP

    Hello wanam, can use this kernel with your MR2 custom ROM? Thanks. M.

    • Hicham Sabihi

      Yes, you can.

  • Naveed Ansari

    thanxxxx wannam dev i love dis n wannam rom too im using on my note2

  • Okan

    Hey Wanam.

    Which rom you suggest with Adam? Deodexed MB5 or Odexed MB5? Which one is more smooth and stabil with Adam you think?

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      It depends on your use, if you are a normal user looking for a stable Rom, flash a stock FW with it’s embed kernel, you don’t custom Rom neither kernel.

  • ernest33

    Merci monsieur Wanam :-)

    Great rom now great kernel ! Where did you go next 😉 ?

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      I try my best :)

  • Арби Хозуев

    Friends, only i have got or other’s got this problem. The boeffla sound is not as the original boeffla sound in the boeffla. The sound is not a good as in the boeffla kernel. What is this? Please answered)

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Are you sure it’s not a placebo? :) it’s exactly the same engine!

      • Арби Хозуев

        Now i install the boeffla kernel and listen the music with BS. See that the boeffla kernel, the boeffla sound is vey good as the your kernel. What is it i don’t know

  • Okan

    What means exactly Boeffla Sound?

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Just downlad Boeffla sound App from the PlayStore and try it, you will like it.

      • Okan

        I don’t mind those options for me. I told you the best thing for me to be smooth and stabil This kernel is better than another Adams I think

        Thanks 😉

        • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)


  • AndreDroid

    I use Wanamlite rom and Adam Kernel for my Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

    Very very very good job mate. Fantastic ROM.

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Thanks for your support, glad you like it.

  • Арби Хозуев

    Really thanks Mohamed for added Boeffla Sound. Allah loves you and we love you. Really thanks. You best and this kernel the best of best

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      You are welcome.