WanamLite LSN V14.4 Android 4.1.2 Aroma Installer & Smooth & Rock Stable

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Galaxy S2, GT-I9100 Only!

Screenshot_2013-04-02-13-11-51 Screenshot_2013-04-02-15-31-41

[Image: 2usrmzx] Based on latest Jelly Bean FW LSN
[Image: 2usrmzx] Stock Repacked Philz LSN kernel (Safe, Fixed bootloop bug)(Optional)
[Image: 2usrmzx] XXMS2 Modem (optional)
[Image: 2usrmzx] Moved more Bloatwares (Allshare, Clocks…) to the Aroma options
[Image: 2usrmzx] Multi-CSC (143 CSC)
[Image: 2usrmzx] Improved Battery life
[Image: 2usrmzx] Disabled Android Logger (optional)
[Image: 2usrmzx] Maybe other things i don’t remember

Download (MD5: D7DD6C8022D1FA7457EB8038EADC7906).

Mirror1Mirror2 (thanks to Korumera and Romcook)

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  • Hong

    any chinese language included in system languange?

  • Pathan Khan

    Hi,Wanam,,,i have samsung galaxy s2 .but it has a problem that it has no arabic or urdu languages.how i can fix this problem???.
    my set info, iz

    Model number ( GT-I9100)

    Android version ( 2.3.3)

    Baseband version ( I9100XXKE7)

    Kernel version ( root@DELL101#2)

    Build number ( GINGERBREAD.XWKF3)

  • khalfan

    Hey wanam can you pls give us new updated roms for galaxy S2. I see only your dealing much with new androids phones. Pls do put new roms.thanks

  • Dima


  • http://profiles.google.com/lcdsantos Luis Santos

    I didn´t install the extra notification icon for the notification bar, during install. Can I download a extra CWM update.zi with just them:

  • http://www.facebook.com/ian.coggins Ian Coggins

    Hey Wanam, Just updated the Wifes i9100P to this rom from Orange branded 4.0.4 and I’ve got dramatic battery drain going on, it looks like the standard email app (not gmail app) and google maps are causing the wake locks/Partial wake locks, I will know more later today once I’ve had a look at the BBS logs.

    Been running your latest on my s3 since release, love you work man! love your work!

  • 6rill2000

    I9100XWLSS / I9100XEULS4 is out on SamMobile 😉 (UK/Ireland)

    • 6rill2000

      LSU is out now

  • drazen

    hello, im facing the problem of not being able to make a screenshot. home button + lock button at the same time doesnt work, neither the vol down + lock button. also i cant save pictures from facebook. everything else is working great. ty

  • Piname

    can you add vietnamese language to this rom?
    or tell me how to add a language to your rom

  • Simon

    I9100XWLSS (4.1.2) – Nordic Countries (NEE) [03-05-13] is now out…. 14.5 Wanalite???


    • 6rill2000

      LSU is out now on many country, Wanam, Pleeease help us !

  • Marcos Dinnanni

    wanam, is there another Toggles option? in previous versions we had a lot of options. now sync, flashlight, and other stuffs are out. and i cant reorder them.


  • Wanam_sl

    Can’t forward/backward songs with headset in long press of volume up/down – It just do nothing but volume up/down.

    Tried full wipe, didn’t help.
    Realy need some advice or ill move to other ROM.

  • uğur

    long volume up – forward music and long volume down -back music dont working please fixed it.

  • hannibal

    Why do you think of the clocks as “bloatware”? I use the alarm every day, and also the timer every now and then when I boil an egg.

    All the third party clocks I’ve tried are rubbish, unreliable, and plastered with ads…
    My prayer to you is to NOT remove the clocks from any further versions (If there will be any, that is).

    Besides that, I love your rom. Very stable, fast and battery friendly. Although for now I will stay on 14.3, and hope for a 14.5 with clocks.

  • joe tautas

    Some problems with latest ROM(14.4):
    1. When using to write text etc, The device get a little unresponsive and some of the presses aren’t received.
    2. Long press on headset won’t pass songs forward/backward.. Real pain.

    I’ve moved from previous version (13.0) without WIPE , Will a wipe help or can it be fixed somehow else?

    • joe tautas


  • http://twitter.com/gyumaoh Pawel Krol

    anyone know a crt-off patch for this rom?

    • uğur

      not crt-off patch

  • Marouane

    I need a tutorial, plase Help me !

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)


      • Marouane

        Comment installer cette ROM je suis sur 4.0.3, et j’ai bcp de porbleme de batterie! un toturial pour les nuls
        Je suis aussi de Témara :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/MykaelMytho Mykael Thomaz

    Have in pt-BR?

    • Juliano Sens


  • peEtric*

    Hi Wanam,

    I was wondering why you have stopped using the speedmod kernel in your builds?
    Is Philz better? (from a battery saving point of view)
    I’m running atm Wanamlite v12.3 which is great… thank you!
    I’m not sure if I wanna update my smooth rom to the newer one 😉 because the battery lasts for 1.5 till 2 days… (thanks to 2000mAh battery). Could I still reach such a good performance with JB Wanam 14.4 ?

    kr, peETric

  • Glauco Rodrigues

    Thank you Wanam! Curious… is just with me or the option to configure WiFi hotspot disapear? Trying to change the default AP name but there is no option to do it.


  • http://twitter.com/versosarcanos Andrés Soto

    Has the same problem. Multiwindow is buggy. The line between the screens doesnt move properly. Please wanam read my message

    • http://twitter.com/gyumaoh Pawel Krol

      Aye, noticed that too, The Visual indicator moves, but the windows don’t resize

    • ♜Donzzy™

      I’m using Neatrom Lite. MW works pretty smooth! Search on xda the rom title. :)

  • Steven Hoàng

    thank wanamlite. I also have problem with this ROM, Batery of ROM less than Rom 14.3??? I just use 1 day, with rom 14.3 often 2 day. thk

  • disqus_lOx6FL94vP

    Nice! Perfectly working. But Imprefer previous version

  • Dking Imad

    L3ezz Khoya ROM m9eeewda
    Don’t stop making roms you’re awesome !!!!

  • Sarshar

    Thx great friend of mine, Wanam.

    Unfortunately I’m in a big trouble with modem as usual :(
    Whenever I upgrade your latest ROMs, I lost my GPRS.
    Last time I did something which solved the issue which I can’t remember.
    I’ve wiped everything and MD5SUM is accurate.
    What should I do ?

    Thanks in advance



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  • http://www.facebook.com/sandro.lima.712 Sandro Lima

    Dear Wanam,

    I had the rom 14.1 and after installing 14.4, when I open the gallery, the system returns the following message: “”Sem Espaço Suficiente. Exclua itens desnecessários, baixados Taís Como software, Imagens, Documentos E Vídeos” Do you know how to solve this issue?


    • Juliano Sens

      Limpe o cache do aplicativo. Dentro de opcoes aplicativos.
      Clear the application cache.

  • Andrew

    Tks Wanam. Good work! There is a version with blue theme?

  • http://www.facebook.com/NamiroaZero Francist Mariano

    mr. wanam? i got a question, i tried your wse version and also this one, but unfortunately everytime i play modern warfare 4 or anything else that has high graphics, the screen flickers and shuts down and after the reboon the battery drain is huge i mean, before rebooting it will be on 90 and then afterwards it goes down to 13! what should i do? thank you for your great roms

    • http://www.facebook.com/scott.kauer Scott Kauer

      get a new battery. Had similar issues with my phone rebooting (not for gaming though) and battery stats being so far out of whack. You just need a new battery. The stock battery is only good for 300-500 charges – that’s less than two years worth of time.

      • disqus_Hw8d6qDRrH

        I have the same issue, but the battery is discharging so much without any activity with phone (disabled wifi, data, brightness on minimum, power saving mode etc.) and also the temperature of battery is something abuout 35 degrees. I don’t know what to do. :(

        • http://www.facebook.com/musti2304 Mustafa Yousef

          he already said that: “get a new battery”

          • kuba_cerny

            Why when I installed stock rom I don’t have any problem with battery?

  • Sudip

    Thanks Wanam…….
    I would be more Happy if you added the CRT Effect into this ROM….
    Anyway Thanks…..Hope your Next ROM will include this.

  • Benne

    Uploaded-Mirror: http://ul.to/5zlr677e

  • fedeavila

    Any other mirror besides those two?

  • 6rill2000

    Thank you Wanam ! As fast as lightning ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/romcookdotcom Rom Cook

    Thanks Wanam!

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      You are welcome, thanks for the mirrors.

  • disqus_Hw8d6qDRrH

    Should I wipe data if I want install newer version WanamRom? I have 14.3 and want to install 14.4. Thank you for you suggestion.

    • 6rill2000

      This rom’s named “GT-I9100_WanamLite.XWLSN.V14.4.NO-WIPE” 😉

      • disqus_Hw8d6qDRrH

        Thanks mate!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Simon65 Simon Slater

    thank you!