WanamLite MC3 V3.5 Android 4.1.2 Clean & Stable

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Galaxy Note 2 , GT-N7100 only!


 Adam Kernel v2.3 Change log:
[Image: pic.png] Patched with Samsung sources Update 10
[Image: pic.png] Dynamic FSync control (Thanks to Faux123 and AndreiLux)
[Image: pic.png] Few permissions fixes from IniRamfs MC3

 Rom Change log:
[Image: pic.png] Updated base to MC3
[Image: pic.png] LK7 Modem (optional)
[Image: pic.png] Adam kernel V2.3 (optional)
[Image: pic.png] Stock repacked MC3 kernel (optional)
[Image: pic.png] More CSC (145)
[Image: pic.png] Other things i don’t remember.

Download. (MD5: EACC9CDC0FCEE4682ED4051230D2130D)

Mirror1Mirror2 (Thanks to Korumera and RomCook for hosting my files).

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  • Reem Alnajar

    sam apps removed ?

  • Spyro

    I have problem with ink effect. I don’t want it on finger touch but only on spen. What can i do?

  • gabolander

    Hi there, I love this rom, but unfortunately, last times (from MCx Android versions) I noticed a performance worsening, in particular in UI, such as, for examples, too many lags when scrolling lists, not necessarily with graphics, or when scrolling a zoomed-in pictures, etc..

    I honestly have lots of apps installed (400+) but also custom broadcast receivers so they don’t start at bootcomplete or don’t bother normal use of phone….

    Last release I totally enjoyed for performances (always with adam kernel) was the WanamLite V3.3 with XXDMB6..

    Any ides? Otherwise I think to get back to older release.

    Tnx in advance.

    • gabolander

      I forgot to say that I have Adam kernel 2.4 right now. Should I try another kernel?

    • gabolander

      I also tried to install Neak kernel 1.9. With this kernel, all the system looks more responsive, but unfortunately the Wifi tethering doesn’t work

  • JayJay

    hey, sry for my stupid question but what is MC3? im a bit wierd about this.im from wanamlite v3.1, must i flash this with wipe or can i flash it without wipes? sry for my english, isnt so good but i hope you unterstand me ^^

    PS: now im right, sry again for wrong comment on thw Note2 LTE Wall

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      You don’t need any wipe, but do a backup just in case

  • Eidan

    My batterylife was amazing with the previous version. This one drag my battery down faster. I’ve changed nothing..just updated with aroma installer the rom and kernel. I’ve just turned on android logger to get light manager working. Any idea or trick? Thanks for your work dude.

    • dle

      My battery life is amazing with 2.0/2.0.1 kernels. After those battery drains much faster.

      • Eidan

        yeah! I’ve switched to n.e.a.k. kernel…amazing kernel and amazing performances. I’ve no app drain…it was the last adam kernel that was killing my battery very fast.

        • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

          It still the same stock configuration on v2.4 as on 2.0/2.0.1! i think i will have to tweak it myself on the next update.

          • Eidan

            I’ve installa Adam kernel 2.4 now. i will test it for 2/3 days and i will let you know. As for Light manager you just have to turn on android loggin do get it working on Wanamlite! 😉

  • Jarrah Aleissa

    Just like usual u are the best WANAMLITE!

  • http://www.xdafileserver.nl/ Korumera

    Extra mirror on server01 of xdafileserver.nl : http://server01.xdafileserver.nl/wanamlite/

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruno.chung.50 Bruno Chung

    I can not download, it does not.

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      It should be ok now, the first link uses a proxy server.

      • Reem Alnajar

        is it roted ? can i back to my stck dmc3 via odim with out any issues ?