Adam Kernel GalaxyS4 I9500 V1.3.1

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/!\ This Kernel works only for GalaxyS4  /!\
/!\ I9500  with Samsung 4.2.2 Roms Only /!\
/!\ Flash it at your own Risk /!\

Screenshot_2013-05-26-10-08-31 Screenshot_2013-05-24-11-01-30 Screenshot_2013-05-24-11-01-35

Built from Samsung sources Update1
Init.d support
Busybox (/sbin)
Built with Stock ARM Toolchain 4.6
AutoRoot with SuperSU v1.30 (If Not Rooted)
CIFS, NFS and NTFS File System built as modules (Stored on “/lib/modules”)
ExFAT sdcard support
Stweak App support
Disabled Wifi multicast for lower battery drain (Thanks to Entropy512 and GokhanMoral)
Tweaked Ondemand CPU Governor for better performance/power balance
Enabled available stock CPU governors (conservative, powersave,interactive)
Disabled Android Logger
Android Logger switch trough Stweaks App (No Reboot required)
Enabled Car Dock support
Disabled some useless tracers
improved Ondemand CPU Governor tweaks for faster response
Increased timeout for some bad sdcards

Changelog 1.2->1.3:
Update Root files V1.30 (Thanks to Chainfire)
Disabled Android Logger
Android Logger switch trough Stweaks App (No Reboot required) (Thanks to AndiP)
Enabled Car Dock support
CIFS/NFS/NTFS built as modules (moved to /lib/modules)
Disabled some useless tracers
Increased timeout for some bad sdcards (Thanks to AndreiLux and AndiP)
improved Ondemand CPU Governor tweaks for faster response

Changelog 1.3->1.3.1:
Enable Sdcard encryption
Enable USB OTG support


Mirror (Thanks to Romcook).

NB: If you get any sound issue after Reboot, Power Off your device (Do Not Restart) and then Power ON.

Sources :

Thanks to: Samsung; Google, Dsixda; Andreilux; GokhanMoral; Chainfire; Entropy512; AndiP

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  • F a b i o

    Hi Wanam, i noticed that with your kernel (v. 1.3.1) there are some problems with exFAT: any ROM can mount and use it normally, but the recovery (CWM standard, Philz, TWRP) can’t mount it.. Is it a known problem? 😉

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      This has nothing to do with my kernel, it’s your cwm recovery limitation.

      • F a b i o

        Oh.. But with stock rooted kernel it works.. It’s for this reason I accused your kernel 😛

  • Nabil Silva

    Phone occasionally restarts when i open camera
    Do i flash the previous camera fix?

  • Eugeny Korekin

    I cannot mount cifs shares with this kernel.

    130|root@android:/ # lsmod
    cifs 232834 0 – Live 0x00000000
    dhd 476319 0 – Live 0x00000000
    exfat_fs 17066 0 – Live 0x00000000 (PF)
    exfat_core 59222 1 exfat_fs, Live 0x00000000 (PF)

    1|root@android:/ # mount -t cifs // /sdcard/mnt/c/
    mount: mounting on /sdcard/mnt/c/ failed: Invalid argument

    255|root@android:/ # dmesg | grep -i cifs
    [ 2025.309970] L0 15819 CIFS VFS: No username specified

    root@android:/ # mount -t cifs // /sdcard/mnt/c/ -o username=az

    255|root@android:/ # dmesg | grep -i cifs
    [ 2041.557058] L0 15847 CIFS VFS: Connecting to DFS root not implemented yet

    Can anybody confirm that cifs mounting works?

  • disqus_kLBurBulfi

    Too bad you can not also not such a great kernel for the i9505 do …

    exFAT support would be awesome

  • Mohamed

    I have problem with my i9500 bluetooth dont work and lag my device when i try to work it
    Ihave your room with your base band xxuamdk

    Please help me

  • Nabil Silva

    can i just flash it without doing a wipe or anything of that sort?
    has anyone experienced any glitches?

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      No wipes required, you shouldn’t get any glitches, this update is aimed to be much faster than v1.2

      • Nabil Silva

        im flashing it with odin but its getting stuck at boot.img
        please help

        • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

          You are on what Rom?

          • Nabil Silva

            it worked fine when i flashed through CWM

      • Guest

        help please, its stuck. what do i do?

  • Amin Yasin

    Installed odin version. Working fine.

    Thank you wanam for your great work. Appreciate tat.

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      What CWM recovery do you use?

      • Jarrah Eissa

        Will I get red exclamation mark when flashing CWM Recovery, just like GT-I9300?

        • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

          No red exclamation on GalaxyS4, but Chainfire confirmed that your counter will increase even if it’s hidden on download mode.

  • Amin Yasin

    Hi wanam,

    The kernel works fine. But when I try calling someone the phone freezes. I reinstalled v1.2 and it works fine. I think its a issue with 1.3.

    Please let me know the solution

  • Spag

    thank you 😀

    I was wondering Will you be able to add a Chinese keyboard for V1.3 ?…
    Thanks again…

  • Ahmed Chaabane

    You have to correct this :) Posted in Galaxy S2 By wanam On May 24, 2013