WanamLite XXEMD3 V6.7 Android JB 4.1.2 Clean & Stable

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Galaxy S3 , GT-I9300 only!

Screenshot_2013-06-01-11-30-43 Screenshot_2013-06-01-11-30-05

Adam Kernel Change log:

[Image: pic.png] Auto Root (if Not Rooted)
[Image: pic.png] Update Root Files (SuperSU 1.30)
[Image: pic.png] Disabled Wifi multicast (save more power on some dirty networks) (Thanks to Entropy)
[Image: pic.png] Increased timeout for some bad Sdcards
[Image: pic.png] Disabled Android Logger
[Image: pic.png] Switch Android Logger ON/Off trough Stweaks (Thanks to AndiP for the Sysfs interface).
[Image: pic.png] Tweaked Pegasusq CPU Gov
[Image: pic.png] Enabled Swap and Zram
[Image: pic.png] Control CRT Off delay trough Stweaks (default=100ms) (Thanks to AndreiLux).

Rom Change log:
[Image: pic.png] Update base to MD3
[Image: pic.png] Adam Kernel 2.5 (Optional but Recommended)
[Image: pic.png] Repacked Stock MD3 kernel (Optional)
[Image: pic.png] XXEMA5 Modem
[Image: pic.png] All my Kernel Tweaks moved to Adam kernel (no tweaks with Stock kernel)
[Image: pic.png] No Tweaks with Stock kernel (Enabled Android Logger)
[Image: pic.png] Other things i don’t remember

Download (MD5: 9EB117E70514EA2C50C14EF1F3069371)

NB: Wipe Data is required if you downgrade from any 4.2.2 Rom.

Mirror1Mirror2 (Thanks to Kryten2k35 and Korumera and RomCook for hosting my files).

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  • Dannish Gonzales

    I Have No Signal When I Started Flashing This Wanamlite … Shit Guys PLease Help me !

  • Jay

    Could you research on S3 with room 4.2.2 one again (the last one is very bad, battery drain, hot….) Thank you very much!
    These days to0 much S4 room :(

  • Muhammad Nabil

    Syukran wa jazakallah khair

  • Nguyen

    I dont know what happen, V6.7 drains battery so quickly (11% for 7hrs over night) I’ve freezed every task that I found didn’t necessary.I did not install any apps accept for temple run 2. I also did not change anything with the CPU as well. my S3 doesn’t have the LTE setting(only GSM and WCDMA and I left it “auto connect”). however, the V7.0 4.2.2 is only draining 3% over 7hrs but it isnt as smooth as v6.7 and RAM is used more as well. Can you help me with that problem? is there anything wrong with my s3 ?

  • Spacedmadmab

    how come I cant get the default battery icon even when I dont check circle battery on the installer?

  • Alfred Lim

    It seems to hang for a while for some reason. Rebooted the phone and see if it happen again

    • Manh Pro

      Use stock kernel :)

      • Alfred Lim

        Stock means no crt?

  • DjPaul DjPaulone Djp

    i got CONTACTS not responding, phone keep ringing afther i silent the call and the screen looked silly…and some FC ( fleshed with wipe)..so i am back on v6.6 with 2.5 no problems at all

  • http://www.facebook.com/longnh86 Nguyễn Hoàng Long

    The memory available is too low all the time :( I’m gonna have to flash the older firmware.

  • clay

    Is Call recording rom for sprint s4 in the future?

  • mmcyklo2

    Hi Wanam, what for 6.7 when 7.0 exists? Is there any issue with 7.0??

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      6.7 is based on the latest Official FW, 7.0 is based on the lastest Leak.

  • BlackWhiteRed

    Hi. Need help over here. I just can’t get the new version working. Flashing 6.7 over 6.6 with no wipe and it just stuck at the Samsung GT-I9300 logo(before the actual samsung logo animation). So I flash 6.6 and reflash 6.7 with full wipe but it still stuck. Taking out reinserting the battery and still no luck. Now I’m back on 6.6 again.

    • Kano

      Flash a different kernel and try again

      • BlackWhiteRed

        I’m on Adam Kernel. Choose it on AROMA. So you mean when I flash 6.7 I got to choose stock kernel?

        • Kano

          I have the same problem on Galaxy SII, i prube flash another kernel and i flash the rom (hctrom xd).

          You can try flash the rom with stock kernel and full wipe.

  • regaber

    Thanks Wanam, always a pleasure to get the latest version of your great rom :)

  • Martin

    Thank you Wanam !! .. your still the best !. I moved from S2 tot S3 recently and glad to see I still can use your rom.

  • romcook

    Waman on ROMCOOK.com http://www.romcook.com/wanamlite/

  • Mister 3o5

    Hey Wanam great ROM. One question, would you recommend me to flash the Adam Kernel or stick with stock kernel. Thanks :-)

  • Kano

    Needs any wipe to install??

    • Kano

      i install already without wipes :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/longnh86 Nguyễn Hoàng Long

    Thank you. You’re the best, Wanam.

  • Korumera

    Mirror one links to a different folder: http://goo.gl/IA3DY is the correct link

  • chtimi13

    Hello Wanam

    Can please update Galaxy S3 9305 LTE with CRT off PLEASE PLEASE???

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Be patient, i have a lot of other things in my todo list.