WanamLite LSW V14.6 Android 4.1.2 Aroma Installer & Smooth & Rock Stable

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Galaxy S2, GT-I9100 Only!


[Image: 2usrmzx] Based on latest Jelly Bean FW LSW
[Image: 2usrmzx] Stock Repacked Philz LSW kernel (Safe, Fixed bootloop bug)(Optional)
[Image: 2usrmzx] XXMS2 Modem (optional)
[Image: 2usrmzx] Maybe other things i don’t remember

Download (MD5: 269F11B503B8564FEF6EEF36238DCE33).

(Big Thanks to Beso for testing and troubleshooting with this update)

Mirror1Mirror2Mirror3 (thanks to Korumera, Romcook and Shahrokh)

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  • Jean Carlos Silva

    This rom works in SC-02C Docomo? I can install in Samsung Galaxy S2 SC-02C?

  • http://www.youtube.com/FaserF11 FaserF

    Where is a downloaod link??? Above doesnt work!

  • klaudio

    thnks man

  • ace

    When i reach in solo 3g enble places my signals went off?

  • Ihsan Saldin

    why cant i download this rom please give me a link

  • nhocjava

    Không có Tiếng Việt (Việt Nam) ??? Vui lòng bổ sung, cám ơn :)

  • Tal Zeraviv



    • Nguyễn Thành

      tks for share :)

    • burak

      thanks bro

    • hey

      i love you, no homo :S

      • Aymane Boubleh


  • Vern

    Thanks so much for the ROM! It works like a charm! The only issue I’ve had is that it reboots on its own sometimes. I’m not sure why.

    • bleros

      YeaH i have too this problem i have love it wanam rom i have use it many month before, but i change cuz of this problem. now im using NeatRom Lite search on xda developers and install you will not dissapointed 😉

      • Vern

        I also changed over to NeatRom Lite, but Wanam is a great backup.

  • Mike mail

    Hi guys i need help and than you for this ROM
    I recently install winamlite 14.6 on SGS2 / the Rom is stable and clean, but the wifi is draining my batterty very fast ( it seems to be a bug with – wifi sleep policy to “Never”) It stays on even do i m not using the phone. it used to work fine in official rom.HOW CAN I FIX IT ???

  • Mike mail

    Hi guys i need help and than you for this ROM
    I recently install winamlite 14.6 on SGS2 / the Rom is stable and clean, but the wifi is draining my batterty very fast ( it seems to be a bug with – wifi sleep policy to “Never”) It stays on even do i m not using the phone. it used to work fine in official rom.HOW CAN I FIX IT ???

  • Nuuts Jaal

    y u no upload 4.2.2 touchwiz ui rom for galaxy s2

  • 6rill2000

    Can I install this rom on a i9100P ? (I’ve read here and there that the only difference is that the NFC will not be available, but I want to be sure)

    • Google Italia

      Yes u can

  • Javinet

    Base Firmware: I9100XWMS1 (4.1.2)
    Region: Europe
    Country Nordic Countries
    Carrier: Unbranded
    Build Date: 25 September 2013
    Modem: XXMS4
    Change List: 1418025

  • muneeb ullah Shah

    Hey Guys,can anyone tell me how do i install this into s2. thanks. :)

  • Majid Qarras

    it freezes sometimes and the battery doesn’t last as usual.. any suggestions?

  • Hadrian

    Too bad no blue theme

  • Juni Damia

    No more update for Samsung S2 :-(

  • alexandre santos

    when launch a new version with S4 style?

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  • Ronaldo Amaral Filho

    Hello, after I installed my PC doesn’t recognize my cel phone in USB anymore! what do I do?

    If someone could help me I would be very graceful! thanks

  • Leon

    I have weird problems with wifi internet connection. After connecting, internet is not available, but samsung apps do download updates and data. During the setup Google service did download the stuff it wants. Still, after the initial setup the market and browser return errors, while samsung apps works well. Important point – happens on secured networks (home, work) but works well on insecured ones (hospital, coffeehouse). Seems like DNS issue to me… Any ideas guys? It was working well on 14.4. Tried wiping and re-downloading/installing.

  • Ondřej Figura

    After instalation I have trouble with root permissions. Su is not functional. How can i fix it please. Thx for answer.

  • Havoc

    Anyone experiencing a battery drain from “Android OS”?

  • realbunny

    Do i need to download Gplay?

  • Tôi Nghèo

    I want to have the Vietnamese language rom. Thanks

    • nhocjava

      <3 Việt Nam :)

  • Yaniv Kisler


    1. Does this version include Hebrew?
    2. Where can I find the installation instructions?


    • GG Zaphod

      I’m in the same boat that i figure you are, new to custom roms. I found this guide with a google – it’s for wxlsd, but the process is the same I assume.

      • Yaniv Kisler


  • Trương Xuân Lực

    It’s great, as more Vietnamese prices again, Thanks!

  • Abdullah

    please add S4 multi-window, note2 gallery, nexus new camera and other Note2S4 features

  • Karol Swiderski

    wanam please correct this bug: if I set XEO as CSC then there is a bug in call recorder (when opposite site finishes call first; app secphone freezes for about 20sec); tested for other versions of JB ROMs (stock based) and the bug is repeatable

  • AirSac

    New Italia version :

    Model: GT-I9100

    Country: Italy

    Version: Android 4.1.2

    Changelist: 1211311

    Build date: Thu, 16 May 2013 00:42:01 +0000

    Product Code: ITV

    PDA: I9100XWLSW

    CSC: I9100ITVLS2

    MODEM: I9100XXMS3

    Link : http://samsung.hdblog.it/2013/07/15/samsung-galaxy-s2-i9100-nuovo-aggiornamento-ufficiale-italia-i9100xwlsw-disponibile/

  • Khalfan

    what is the different between downloading MD5 and this mirrors?

    • Yaniv Kisler

      the mirror is just a mirror.
      MD5 is a unique ID you can use to verify the file you downloaded is complete.

  • Waseem Mohamed

    Hei Wanam, can i use http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1677032 with this ROM ?

  • Waseem Mohamed

    Hei Wanam, cant we get rid of Message log from Call log ?
    And 1 more thing, i used to use Connect Vibrate on ExDialer. after flashing WanamLite, the vibrate on connect, disconnect function seems not working. any idea ?

  • Darkstar2r1

    Mirror3 link is dead

  • disqus_JIx4k5eB1m

    what about hebrew?
    can you add?

    • Aymane Boubleh

      fuk hebrew u gtfo bic.

  • Cicero Piva


  • Karol Swiderski

    question to Wanam: I installed your Lite ROM 14.6 for SGS2 and call recording works perfect (there is not freezing phone app after opposite side finishes conversation, I have this bug on some ROMs involving your mod for call recording), if I install your Secphone app for SGS2 (last version for XWLSD) on your Lite 14.6 ROM to get more configurable recording then would it work as good as now? or may I expect this freezing bug?


  • lee

    signature verification failed??
    ? why?

    • Karol Swiderski

      heh Install CWM first (signed zip) in a stock recovery , see PhilZ CWM for SGS2 on xda, then install this ROM in CWM (stock recovery will be replaced by CWM)

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  • Amjad Kh

    is this version supported by the blue theme?

    which version and from where can i download it?


    • Syed Askar™

      yes its supported, after themed, the version might change to 14.1 but its only just theme, nothing to worry! cheers.

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  • Frank Brennfleck

    Hi, thank you for the great Rom.
    But where is the “Samsung Task Manager Widget”…? in 14.6

  • ThiagoDamas


  • Romain Wilbert

    Boot loop after installing

    • Romain Wilbert

      After re dl and installation it works. Also this may have been caused by me not updating the kernel :-)

  • Avinoam Faltin

    In the “Settings>About” It is still appears as “WanamLite Rom XWLSN V14.4″.
    Should be 14.6?

    By the way, I noticed that during the installation process it displays “Welcome to WanamLite 14.4″.

    Is it a mistype or did I do something wrong?


  • Shahrokh
    • Mihail Greceanu

      404 not found,,, good job