WanamLite XXUBMF3 V1.4 Android JB 4.2.2 Clean & Stable

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Welcome to the first release of WanamLite Rom for Galaxy S4 I9500.

Thanks to RootGalaxyS4 for the video.


Features :
Based on the latest FW
Deodexed & Rooted & Zipaligned & Busybox
Unlimited SMS recipient list
Automatic SMS encoding (Arabic and other utf-8 encoding support)
Tweaked Ondemand Governor for better Battery life
Disabled scrolling cache
Removed bloatwares (Available on separate patch)
Large APN list
No incremental ringtone
Enabled Call recording
Enabled Call button on Contacts list
4 Way reboot (Recovery,Download…)
Clean build.prop for best Market compatibility
Stock Keyboard with all supported languages enabled
Kies support
Hacked Stock Email App
Latest SuperSu update
Enabled all supported languages
Enabled call button on Contacts list
More Free Ram
Auto wipe cache & dalvik-cache before flashing
Busybox (installed on “/system/xbin”)
Disabled NFC Payment
More to come…

Rom Changelog:

Updated the base to MF3
Updated Kernel to MF3
Cleared input languages on the keyboard to fix the lag bug (on Clean install)
Fixed a random Init.d support issue
Other things i don’t remember

NB: Do NOT use Adam kernel with update, it will work but it may break some features, we need to wait for a new kernel sources update from Samsung.


Mirror1  – Mirror2Mirror3 (Thanks to Korumera and Romcook for hosting my files).

Installation steps :
Copy my Rom to Internal sdcard
Install a CWM recovery, get it here, (Only if you don’t have it)
Backup, backup, backup
Flash my Rom from recovery
Don’t use the Root option from recovery (you don’t need it)
Reboot & enjoy

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  • Haitham Malkawi

    Lost the proximity sensor in the previous version and now I’m going 1.4 hoping it will resolve the case!

  • Nepd

    Hello, I flashed this rom and everything works perfectly except that I
    can’t connect to the internet using my mobile data, only with wifi. I
    can call and message, but not enter the internet.

    My stock S4 gt-i9500 is:





  • Ahmad Akram

    bro i have to download all the file then flash all the file ?

    GT-I9500_WanamLite.XXUBMF3.V1.4.NO-WIPE.zip (MD5:3716DFC44FC80F8CF92781A5F24FE4CE)

    Removed Apps (MD5:28F9D4411F06728A81F5334C571494BC)
    Disable Crt Off animation (Instant Screen ON/Off)
    Enable Android Logger
    Repacked & Tweaked MF3 Kernel (Already included on the Rom file)
    Hide Call button on Call Logs

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  • Funky

    Where can I find real differences between 1.3 and 1.4 (i9500 S4)?


  • Hùng Lý

    Thank Wanam,
    I think Baseband is MEA, but when i flash V1.4 is still MDK. You can tell me why?

  • Jack Twostroke

    after using wanam v.1.4 i cant kill any apps by holding left button like before,,recently im using omega rom
    anybody know how to do that,or should i install something?

  • Henry Arias Montaño

    Hola estoy usando la rom WanamLite v1.4 y he notado que el teléfono se calienta y le dura menos la pila con respecto a la versión 1.2 instale el Kernel repaked que estaba en las descargas…..Gracias está rom 1.4 corrigió el problema de la cámara y otras inestabilidades.

  • Mega Lanca

    thanks Wanam for this ROM. Do you get yellow triangle when you flash it on your I9500?

    • Mega Lanca

      As you know, Chainfire is working on updating TriangleAway which is still not compatible with I9500 due to extra Exynos bootloader security. No ETA of course and he has I9505. I bought I9500, as my favourite XDA developer has one as well 😉

  • Muhammad Bajammal

    bro how can it be? you warn us to not update when using adam karnel, whereas in the previous version you use karnel adam … and no guide from adam karnel for beginners like me .. Thank you for your understanding …

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      The previous FWs were compatible with Adam, the 2 new FW requires an updated kernel sources.

  • William

    can you do this on att sgh i337 or do you need a different kernel?

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Sorry i can’t support more devices.

  • Saeed Al Falasi

    wanam, i hav been getting boot issues on 1.3 and 1.4. Not sure what is the main reason. I try to add arabic font and enot sure if directly relates to the boot issues.


    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Replace “/system/fonts/GS45_Arab_AndroidOS.ttf” with your favorite fonts.

      • Saeed Al Falasi

        I did. This is what i have noticed. I flash the new zip. It works fine and when i reboot it goes through the process of “upgrading android” and it goes through all the apps and then boots fine. Then if i reboot, it get stuck as “starting apps” . This happend on 1.3 and 1.4. Not sure if this this my device specific. I even tried full wipe. Not to worry though. I thank you for your support.

  • romcook

    ALL files mirror in folder
    thanks Wanam!

  • Korumera

    Files are ready on the main server and uploaded to Mirror 2 and 3 aswell. Njoy!

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Big thanks.