WanamLite XWUBMG1 V1.8 Android JB 4.2.2 Clean & Stable

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Welcome to WanamLite Rom for Galaxy S4 I9500.

Thanks to RootGalaxyS4 for the video.

Screenshot_2013-07-11-13-46-14 Screenshot_2013-07-11-13-41-58

Features :
Based on the latest FW
Deodexed & Rooted & Zipaligned & Busybox
Unlimited SMS recipient list
Automatic SMS encoding (Arabic and other utf-8 encoding support)
Tweaked Ondemand Governor for better Battery life
Disabled scrolling cache
Removed bloatwares (Available on separate patch)
Large APN list
No incremental ringtone
Enabled Call recording
Enabled Call button on Contacts list
4 Way reboot (Recovery,Download…)
Clean build.prop for best Market compatibility
Stock Keyboard with all supported languages enabled
Kies support
Latest SuperSu update
Enabled all supported languages
Enabled call button on Contacts list
More Free Ram
Auto wipe cache & dalvik-cache before flashing
Busybox (installed on “/system/xbin”)
Disabled NFC Payment
More to come…

Adam Kernel 1.6:
Lowered CPU frequency step to reach both limits on Stweaks (250 Mhz and 1600Mhz)
Updated Root files
Reduced Fast dormancy wake-lock timeout
Some Battery life improvements

Rom Change-log:

Updated the base to XWUBMG1
Repacked Stock  XWUBMG1 Kernel (Available on a separate CWM patch)
DDUBMF8 Modem(Available on a separate CWM patch)
Adam Kernel 1.6 (Default included in this Rom)
Updated Language list support
Other things i don’t remember


Mirror1  – Mirror2Mirror3 (Thanks to Korumera and Romcook for hosting my files).

Installation steps :
Copy my Rom to Internal sdcard
Install a CWM recovery, get it here, (Only if you don’t have it)
Backup, backup, backup
Flash my Rom from recovery
Don’t use the Root option from recovery (you don’t need it)
Reboot & enjoy

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  • Oscar M. Hurtado

    I love this rom, everything works perfekt… almost everything :S I keep getting lag and sometimes it even freezes when I receive a snapchat and I have to reboot the phone :s

    any suggestions??

  • Bar Toledano

    Gps dont work … solution?

  • Chris

    hey wanam, I follow you since s3, from mexico, indeed I want a function to jump a song, pressing the volume button, please, that will be useful, what do you think?

  • Oscar M. Hurtado

    hey wanam I need your help.

    I tried to install this rom (following all your steps) and I got stucked on the samsung logo after the installing was completed. I took off the batery enter on the cwm recovery and wipe the data and the cache (I read that somewhere) and after rebooting got stucked again on the samsung logo. Then I obviously panicked and restored my backup… Everything is OK now but I want to install this rom.. Why happened this? Should I try again or not?? btw its my first time installing a rom

    Thank you!

    • Swarit Sharma

      Install the ROM and then reboot. If it is stuck on the Samsung logo again the just remove the battery and wait for 10 seconds and then power on the device normally and it should resolve the problem. I was also stuck on this problem the first time but I figured it out.

  • David S.

    Hebrew keyboard?

  • Riyami

    I9500XWUB – MG5

    Wanam New Rom :)

  • Poopik Shmill

    I Have one question. I want to use Wanamlite Rom, but i am on Omega Rom now, do i need to do something special before flashing Wanamlite Rom? or just flash over omega?… Tnks

  • Haden Butikofer

    Hey Wanam, thanks for the sweet Touchwiz ROMs and Adam Kernels. I am running v1.1 WanamLite, and I have tried wiping my system and upgrading to v1.8, but it gives me an error and I have to revert back to v1.1. I am using an SGH-I337 AT&T Galaxy S4. Can you help me with this or give me some useful info? Thanks! :)

  • mevrat

    how to install without the removed apps???, not 1.3G this is stock not different at all.

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  • kljs

    I saw Wanam using Baseband : i9500XXUBMG1 in his Adam Kernel 1.7 version
    Is that the Russian one?

  • Waqas Al-Riyami

    Wanam Wont You Support Aroma ?

  • Van


  • Vidula Nandasena

    Hi, love the ROM and it’s absolutely wonderful. Can we please get xDelta patches? I was able to generate a patch from 1.5 to 1.7 which was a little less than 300MB. That would save most users a LOT of time and bandwidth. I’m still downloading 1.8 and i’m guessing that would generate a much smaller delta.

  • Sepehr

    Hi Wanam
    Whats Wrong with you ?? Is you Laptop Okey Now ?!

    We are Still Waiting for your Rom in I9505 & N7100

    We Dont want to change our good Dev …
    come on man – do Something – Show your self Again …

  • Mohd K

    i want to ask the experts ,, my phone FW is UBMEA and i want to flash this ROM what should i do? the steps that mentioned before? or i have to update the FW to BMG1 and flash it?


  • Edwin

    Just want to ask if the removed apps is to remove the apps or to re-install back the remove apps to the device.Thanks
    Removed Apps (MD5:9D1F88506C61A1B554DECCF15CE5F6DE)

    • Chuck

      it is for install back the removed apps bro.. this wanam lite rom does not contain the removed apps..

  • Ryan

    Hi guys, May I confirm again the steps of installation for this rom.

    Step1: download the 1.3GB file.
    Step2. Copy into my SDcard
    Step3: Go to CWM mode and BACKUP
    Step4: Install the Zip file that i downloaded (1.3GB file)
    Step5: Reboot.

    Sorry I m new here. my phone is everything stock. Only the different thing was I already rooted it, that’s all. PLease correct on my steps of installation. Many thanks.


    • Charlie Brown

      If your coming from other Wanamlite Rom you dont need to wipe just install via CWM. Just download GT-I9500_WanamLite.XWUBMG1.V1.8.NO-WIPE.zip

  • Chuck

    thanks wanam for this great rom.. just curious can I flashed this rom with perseus kernel? is there any issue if I use it? syukran.. :)

  • Glen

    dear wanam, i flashed mine with the 1.8 version, but my baseband version doesn’t change. it’s still I9500DXUAMDK. what went wrong? Thanks.

    • Chuck

      basicly this rom only flash the updated rom.. not the modem(baseband).. if you want to change the modem just download from the link given above..

  • JK

    شكرا يااستاذ لكن للاسف ماحصلت فرق في اداء البطارية ومو راضي عنها ابدا.. ايش الحل اذا ممكن؟

  • Ryan

    Hi, want to confirm that is it i just need to flash this. GT-I9500_WanamLite.XWUBMG1.V1.8.NO-WIPE.zip. is that okay i just ignore the rest ??

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Yes it’s the main Rom file, you can ignore the rest if you don’t need it.

  • Poopik Shmill

    It takes a long time for a photo to turn in galery from horizontal view to vertical and vice versa. Im on 1.8 but it was the same before on 1.5 1.6 1.7

  • Mohammad Araife

    الله يعطيك الف مليون عافيه على الروم الرائع
    ولاكن لو تشيل جوجل ارث ماله لزوم والي يجتاجه بحمله من الماركت
    ونقطه اخرى
    ما فائده هذا البرنامج

    دايم اشوفك تحطه في اصداراتك
    وبعضها ما تحط فيها هذا البرنامج
    الاصدار الي فيه هذا البرنامج تزيد صرفيه البطاريه
    كذا اتوقع او كذا احس
    وش رايك اخي الفاضل

    • khalidaziz

      البرنامج للتحكم بسرعة المعالج

      • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

        و الصوت و الصورة.

        • Mohammad Araife

          اها . طيب هو الحين معدل او البرنامج ما تعدل .وهل لازم اعدله انا

      • Mohammad Araife

        ما الافضل ازيد السرعه او لا . وهل يؤثر على الجهاز كهاردوير مستقبلا

  • http://www.xdafileserver.nl/ Korumera

    I’ve updated mirror 2 with the rom as well so enjoy! :)

  • jon

    best rom i have use for the last 1 year for my s3 not2 s4

  • Poopik Shmill

    “Repacked Stock XWUBMG1 Kernel (Available on a separate CWM patch) DDUBMF8 Modem(Available on a separate CWM patch)”

    is it a mistake? (the modem….)

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      No, MG1 uses the same modem as MF8.

      • Poopik Shmill

        I’m a bit confused the zip file in the download folder is


  • Daniel

    Hi Wanam, I like your roms. Do you make an update also for galaxy s4


    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      No plans for now, i’m getting my laptop today, so maybe i will be back to other devices starting from the next week.

      • Daniel

        One more question…when you have time to update for the rom for the s4 i9505, could you please include this function to jump a song, pressing the volume button?