Adam Kernel V2.7

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/!\ This Kernel works only for GalaxyNote2  /!\
/!\ N7100 – N7105 – I317 with Samsung 4.1.2 Roms Only /!\

 /!\ Flash it at your own Risk /!\


Stock configuration, No CPU/GPU/Memory/IO tweaks applied, Use Stweaks/Tegrak Apps and Apply your preferred tweaks
Battery charging control Trough Stweaks App (AndreiLux implementation, Big thanks to him)
Stweaks App support (Used AndreiLux customization of GokhanMoral generic interface, Big thanks to them)
Auto install of Boeffla Sound and Stweaks Apps  (Thanks to Simone201 and Gokhan)
Boeffla sound App support (Thanks to AndiP)
Reduce Battery monitor wakelocks (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Added IO schedulers: SIO & ZEN & ROW (Thanks to AndreiLux and Yank555-lu)
Enabled Car Dock charging
Triangle away support (Thanks to IndiP and Delute)
Compiled CIFS as module
Compiled NFS as modules (it depends on the compiled modules “sunrpc” and “lockd”)
exFAT support
Init.d support
Added support for Crt-Tv Off Animation (thanks to Codeworkx and Perka)
Tegrak overclock support (CPU/GPU optimizations)
Built with Stock ARM Toolchain 4.4.3
Dynamic FSyn control
GS3 kernel Built from Samsung GS3 sources Update10 (Sudden death & Exynos bug fixes  included)
Note2 kernels Built from Samsung Note2 sources Update2 + GS3 Update10 patch (Sudden death & Exynos bug fixes  included)


[Image: pic.png] Removed the Auto-Root
[Image: pic.png] Fixed 200Mhz step UV
[Image: pic.png] NFS support built-in kernel
[Image: pic.png] Removed Zram support (Swap still supported)
[Image: pic.png] Few battery life tweaks
[Image: pic.png] Keep supporting All Samsung 4.1.2 Roms.

This kernel is not the same included on my Rom 3.9, this one is NOT packed with the new stock IniRamFS so it will keep supporting the  newest and older Roms and Modems.
Galaxy Note2 N7100:
Galaxy Note2 LTE N7100 and I317:

Mirror (Thanks to Korumera)


Thanks to: Samsung; Dsixda; Codeworkx; Perka; Andreilux; GokhanMoral; AndiP; Yank555-lu; Simone201; Delute; Faux123

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  • Alessio Guaglianone

    I Pink del kernel Adam non funzionano più

  • Mit Sinai

    Hey wanam, can you please help with kernel of note 2 android 4.3. Please.


    Hello Wanam, can you make this kernel that supports modules (cifs.ko) using this application?

    Mount Manager

    Kernel Note2Core it’s compatible but not support exFAT format.

    You are the best!!

    • Guest

      7100 indirme sitesi bozuk. lütfen yeniler misiniz?…