Wanam Xposed 1.4.2 – Customize your Samsung Roms

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This Application let you customize your Samsung Android 4.2+ Roms Odexed and Deodexed, it brings to you many useful features:

  • Call Recording
  • 4 Ways Reboot (Reboot, Recovery, Hotboot, Download)
  • Full Color/Transparency customization for Status bar and Notification drawer elements
  • Secure Samsung Keyboard
  • Option to keep “Add Call” button with Call recording menu
  • Disable Camera shutter sound (+Screen Capture)
  • Flashlight trough volume button UP
  • Skip Music with Volume buttons
  • Save Call Logs View
  • Enable Keyboard Symbols
  • Enable Hangouts Calls trough cellular
  • Enable Camera while calling
  • Unlimited and Customizable Multi-View support
  • Bypass Exchange Lock check
  • Notification Panel Customization
  • Long Home key behavior
  • Long Back key to kill App (+ white list)
  • Disable increasing ringtone
  • Messaging Tweaks (raise limits and conversion)
  • Disable Scrolling cache
  • Enable Full rotations
  • White Circle Battery
  • Removed Camera permission
  • Transparent Notifications panel
  • Customize Clock format and size
  • Customize Battery text helper size
  • Customize Quick Settings buttons number per row
  • White themed Quick Settings buttons
  • Collapse Quick Settings after toggle
  • 2 line formatted date on the panel header
  • Dark themed Multi-Window
  • Disable Boot sound
  • Customize Two line date header format
  • White/Black Email App background (Supported on some devices)
  • Transparent Quick Settings buttons background
  • Default hidden SMS logs
  • Add Call button to Logs and Contacts list
  • Disable Accounts icons on Contacts list
  • Custimize Wifi AP Clients number
  • Disable Launcher page rotation
  • Add Exit button to browser
  • SMS Automatic input mode
  • Disable Call number formatting
  • Enable unlimited Contacts joining
  • Enable Gallery Rotation trough button
  • Set default Browser view to Desktop
  • And much more to come

 This application has been tested on Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 with WanamLite and Stock Android 4.2.2 Roms

ChangeLogs 1.4.0:

  • Removed Seekbar and Overglow customization (It somehow causes OutofMemory error on some Apps)
  • Enable Samsung Keyboard Symbols
  • Enable Camera while calling
  • Enable Hangouts Calls trough Cellular and Wifi
  • Enable unlimited Contacts joining
  • Enable Gallery Rotation trough button
  • Set default Browser view to Desktop
  • Create Csc features config when not existing
  • Fixed Color Parsing FC while putting a wrong Color code
  • Few other performance improvements


2013-08-14 15.43.08

How to install Wanam Xposed:

  • Make sure you have a fully working Root access
  • Copy this file to Root folder of your sdcard (It let you disable Xposed framework trough CWM Recovery if you get any issues)
  • Download and install Xposed framework from here. then REBOOT your device


  • Download Wanam Xposed from the PlayStore or From direct link
  • Activate Wanam Xposed from the Xposed Installer then REBOOT your device



If you find any bugs comment bellow, if you like this Application, PLEASE RATE it.

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  • Varma Voitto

    How can I enable CRT animation for this ROM?

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      This is NOT a Rom!

      • Varma Voitto

        Sorry I posted to wrong page :) The question is how to enable it in Wanamlite 1.5 for i9505. Thanks for the great work!

        • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

          Actually it’s not available for odexed Roms yet.

  • Denys Santos Sobrinho

    Hi Wanam, thanks for this update.

    But still not working for my language “Brazilian Portuguese” the symbols on the keyboard, so I opened the feature.xml file and identified the lack of definition “pt_BR” in the list SIP.

    Could you implement for the next version? This way I will not need to edit the feature.xml file every time I open this app.

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  • fictisio

    hello wanna, from version 1.4.1 onwards does not work, the 1.4.0 works flawlessly, what does not work is that it does not save changes and every time I restart appears normal. and reviewed the application and all settings are selected. it can be?

  • Guest

    Hi, I’m getting a phone FC whenever I reboot and my signal won’t kick in until the FC happens…here’s a log cat

  • Denys Santos Sobrinho

    Hi Wanam, thanks for this app.

    You might put the options to remove the battery icon completely full and also the icons when the headset is in S4?

  • LudlowCPA

    I installed everything in the order required, rebooted as required, but none of the changes seem to work. I am using an AT&T Galaxy S4 in the United States. I have tried to change many items in the status bar but none seem to work. Can you please help me.

    • LudlowCPA

      I found my problem, I did not check the box before rebooting Xposed. Since I checked the box and rebooted, everything is working.

  • nishant sutaria

    hey wanam,
    how to make the notification panel transparent?

  • MajedM

    Hi Wanam, thank you for thث big job.
    I’m wondering if you are planing to add BACKUP for the settings?

  • Daniel Billyanto

    Halo wanam. Request center clock and kill app with menu button if you have free time. Thanks

    • Daniel Billyanto

      and screenshoot button with menu to

  • Guest

    Same here

  • HaSSaN SkAiK

    After the update I have this error when I make call..

    • Avi Milman

      Got this error too after updating

    • David

      I too received this same error…. I uninstalled the module and still had the same issue, disabled / uninstalled xposed framework – still the same :(

      To fix – I had to re flash the rom with WanamLite7.1 with NO WIPING on top of the current install (after backing up data with titanium ‘just in case’)

      I have re-enabled Xposed with various other modules and installed the older 1.34 Wanam xposed module – and all is working well again

      Please keep up the great work… donation is definitely worth it.

  • Michael Hiller

    Hi Wanam!
    Thank you for greate work!
    Can you add a choice of several batteries?

  • Hadi BW

    hi friend, how to remove percentage battery number, like your first screenshot

    • Daniel Billyanto

      Setting, display, disable battery percentage

      • Hadi BW

        Many thanks friend :)