Adam Kernel GalaxyS4 V3.3 Android 4.3

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/!\ This Kernel works only for GalaxyS4  /!\

/!\ I9500  with Samsung 4.3 Roms Only /!\

/!\ Flash it at your own Risk /!\
Screenshot_2013-11-07-16-28-32 Screenshot_2013-11-07-16-15-28


Built from Samsung sources MJ5
SELinux mode set to Permissive
Init.d support
Busybox (/sbin)
Built with Stock ARM Toolchain 4.7
AutoRoot with SuperSU
CIFS, NFS, NTFS File System built as modules (Stored on “/lib/modules”)
exFAT builtin support
Stweak App support
Disabled Wifi multicast for lower battery drain (Thanks to Entropy512 and GokhanMoral)
Tweaked Ondemand CPU Governor for better performance/power balance
Enabled available stock CPU governors (conservative, powersave,interactive)
Disabled Android Logger
Android Logger switch trough Stweaks App (No Reboot required)
Disabled some useless tracers
improved Ondemand CPU Governor tweaks for faster response
Wolfson Sound Control (AndreiLux implementation)
CPU Voltage Control (Thanks to AndreiLux)
MAX77803 Charging control (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Mdni control (Thanks to AndreiLux)

Changelog 3.3:
Add back Mdni control (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Anti-smearing fix (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Update charging control (unstable power detection) (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Few other fixes



Mirror1 (Thanks to Korumera and RomCook for hosting my files)

Make a Nandroid backup before flashing
you can use Wanam Xposed App to disable the SEAndroid/Knox notifications.
I won’t provide any Odin package, so please no need to ask.
If you get no sound on the first boot, you may need to follow these steps.

How to install:
Flash the zip file trough CWM recovery

Sources :

Thanks to: Samsung; Google, Dsixda; Andreilux; GokhanMoral; Chainfire; Entropy512; AndiP; Faux

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  • Viktor

    MT6572 my phone

    Model number: GT-I9500

    Baseband version: I9500XXUAMDE

    Build Number: JDQ39.I9500XXUAMDE

    This is also good for the CWM?

    Sorry google translate

  • saxx

    Wanam, please release Adam v3.4 and fix sound issue… i want Adam!!

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Please, try to read and stop repeating the same question.

      • saxx

        But i have Crash rom and not working..

  • Ahmed Tantawy

    thanks for that great kernel but i notice since 4.3 update that the CPU governors (conservative, powersave,interactive) are not avalible only ( userspace , ondemand, performance) please replay

  • saxx

    Sound issue!!! fix it!
    When it will be fixed?

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Nothing to fix, try to read the notes.

      • saxx

        I have another rom – Crash rom…
        I’ll try the notes and this didn’t work

  • Tai Vuiseng

    why u flash this 3.3 make my phone got colour proplem ?? all black T-T but the 3.2 dont have this problem~

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      What’s your device model?

      • Adarsh Segal

        Yeah I have the same problem. The model is I9500 running the new MJ9 v3.2 .

      • Adarsh Segal

        Probably a Mdni control issue.

      • Tai Vuiseng

        I9500 XME MJ8

      • Aaron

        Same color problem. Went back to 3.2 but there’s no smearing fix controls.

    • rickylambert

      Exactly same here on GT-I9500; tried several things but finally went back to 3.2. Happy again now:-)

  • eden

    What with new version of kernel and rom for I9505? when it will come out?

  • saxx

    have sound? how battery life?