WanamLite XXUEMJ9 V3.2 Android JB 4.3 Xposed

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Welcome to WanamLite Rom for Galaxy S4 I9500.

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Features :
 Based on the latest FW
 Stock Odexed & Rooted & Busybox
 Adam Kernel (SELinux Set to Permissive)
 Large APN list
 Debloated (removed Samsung Apps and Social Hubs, available on a separate patch)
 Clean build.prop for best Market compatibility
 Stock Keyboard with all supported languages enabled
 Kies support
 Wanam Xposed App (You can use it to hide the Knox notifications)
 Auto wipe cache & dalvik-cache before flashing

Adam Kernel Features:
Built from Samsung sources MJ5
SELinux mode set to Permissive
Init.d support
Busybox (/sbin)
Built with Stock ARM Toolchain 4.6
AutoRoot with SuperSU
CIFS, NFS, NTFS File System built as modules (Stored on “/lib/modules”)
exFAT builtin support
Stweak App support
Disabled Wifi multicast for lower battery drain (Thanks to Entropy512 and GokhanMoral)
Tweaked Ondemand CPU Governor for better performance/power balance
Disabled Android Logger
Android Logger switch trough Stweaks App (No Reboot required)
Disabled some useless tracers
improved Ondemand CPU Governor tweaks for faster response
Wolfson Sound Control (AndreiLux implementation)
CPU Voltage Control (Thanks to AndreiLux)
MAX77803 Charging control (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Mdni control (Thanks to AndreiLux)

WanamXposed Features list:

  • Call Recording
  • 4 Ways Reboot (Reboot, Recovery, Hotboot, Download)
  • Full Color/Transparency customization for Status bar and Notification drawer elements
  • Secure Samsung Keyboard
  • Option to keep “Add Call” button with Call recording menu
  • Disable Camera shutter sound (+Screen Capture)
  • Flashlight trough volume button UP
  • Skip Music with Volume buttons
  • Save Call Logs View
  • Enable Keyboard Symbols
  • Enable Hangouts Calls trough cellular
  • Enable Camera while calling
  • Unlimited and Customizable Multi-View support
  • Bypass Exchange Lock check
  • Notification Panel Customization
  • Long Home key behavior
  • Long Back key to kill App (+ white list)
  • Disable increasing ringtone
  • Messaging Tweaks (raise limits and conversion)
  • Disable Scrolling cache
  • Enable Full rotations
  • White/Colored Circle Battery
  • Transparent Notifications panel
  • Customize Clock format and size
  • Customize Battery text helper size
  • Customize Quick Settings buttons number per row
  • Collapse Quick Settings after toggle
  • 2 line formatted date on the panel header
  • Dark themed Multi-Window
  • Disable Boot sound
  • Customize Two line date header format
  • White/Black Email App background (Supported on some devices)
  • Transparent Quick Settings buttons background
  • Default hidden SMS logs
  • Add Call button to Logs and Contacts list
  • Disable Accounts icons on Contacts list
  • Custimize Wifi AP Clients number
  • Disable Launcher page rotation
  • Add Exit button to browser
  • SMS Automatic input mode
  • Disable Call number formatting
  • Enable unlimited Contacts joining
  • Enable Gallery Rotation trough button
  • Set default Browser view to Desktop
  • Hide Wireless charging popup
  • Hide Full Battery Notification
  • Clock position Status bar (Hide, Left, Right, Center) (Compatible with I9300 and I9500 only)
  • NFC behaviors (UN/Locked on Screen ON/Off)
  • Hide Headset icon and notification bar
  • Disable TW DVFS
  • Enable TW DVFS Boost Benchmark mode
  • Hide Smart Stay, Alarm, NFC icons on status bar
  • Launcher: Enable Scroll wallpaper and Hide Dock labels
  • Disable Wake Home button
  • Use separate Address field on Contacts
  • Add Fast PIN unlock (to be used with caution)
  • Added SMS sent time details
  • Enable Screen ON options on Messaging App
  • Disable low Battery warning
  • Add custom carrier label on notification label
  • Set low Camera battery level
  • Change System Holo Dark/Light background
  • Acces hidden Lockscreen shortcuts menu
  • Disable SEAndroid/Knox notifications
  • And much more to come

Rom Changelog 3.2:
Update base to MJ9

Adam kernel Changelog 3.3:
Add back Mdni control (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Anti-smearing fix (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Update charging control (unstable power detection) (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Few other fixes

Important Notes:

  • Make a Nandroid Backup (Including EFS)
  • If you get a Bootloop, then you must flash Adonis pit as AP through Odin 3.09 to update your partitions
  • A Wipe data is recommended if you came from an AOSP or Android 4.2.2 based Rom

If you get no sound on the first boot, follow these steps (Thanks to MATHReX and Mohamed Ismail):

  1. Flash CMW Recovery .
  2. Boot Into Recovery .
  3. Factory Reset -> Wipe Cache Partition .
  4. Now In Mounts And Storage(Wipe System,Wipe Data, it Won’t Erase Your Internal Card ,Wipe Cache)
  5. Now In Advance , Wipe Dalvik Cache .
  6. Flash Wanamlite Rom No Wipe !
  7. Reboot And Done !! With No Sound Issues !! Enjoy..


  • GT-I9500_WanamLite.XXUEMJ9.V3.2.NO-WIPE  (MD5: 9973C007A0DE5A5B9F39A5C978EAEEEB)
  • Repacked Stock MJ9 Kernel
  • Removed Apps (MD5: FA537132E3776D32FF984BDC8E7677D1)
  • DDUEMJ9 Modem

Mirror1  (Thanks to Korumera and Romcook for hosting my files).

Installation steps:
 Copy my Rom to Internal sdcard
 Flash Stock Firmware with Adonis pit through Odin (No need to do it if you already flashed the Adonis pit)
 Install an updated CWM recovery (, get it here(Only if you don’t have it)
 Backup, backup, backup
 Flash my Rom from recovery
 Don’t use the Root option from recovery (you don’t need it)
 Reboot, Install Xposed Installer and install the latest framework
 Reboot, Install Wanam Xposed, enable it on the Xposed Installer
 Reboot & enjoy

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  • wasim

    wanam which is the romy in this step(Copy my Rom to Internal sdcard)and how to flash stock firmware?

  • Ali

    this rom improves the super amoled display quality.it’s very very good.Thanks a lot wanam…you are the best

  • Simran Singh

    ISSUE: after this 4.3 update, my charging speed is very slow. And when im charging as well as playing games like (clash of clans, PvZ 2) , my batt. %age is not increasing but decreasing very fast. I tried another GS4 charger, but getting same slow speed charging issue. HELP !!

    • s0me

      Hi I have the same problem on stock firmware did you get a fix for it?

  • Mohamed Ismail

    thanks wanam you are the best…

  • Arman Rüzgar Tokgöz

    Also I cant install apks. Unless I restart my phone

  • Arman Rüzgar Tokgöz

    Keyboard is slow app drawer transitions are very slow lag when opening apps

  • JunhiioOr Gzz Herrera

    Eiii men’s solution to Sound is only installed Perseus Kernel and follow this:

    1- Installed Wanam ROM
    2- Install Perseus Kernel
    3- Wipe Factory, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik
    4- Reboot and ENJOY!! First boot and all system have sound!!

    This is the link Perseus Kernel:

    And no problem whit the ROM, is a fast and have all system normal :) lml

    Sorry my English :c i am waiting help’u

    • Tùng Lâm

      Thank you very much 😀
      This helps me a lot 😀

  • Ben Tan

    I have a problem with my light sensor. Did anyone encounter this as well? Any solution for this problem?

    • Ben Tan

      On my s4 i9505

  • Mohamed Khalil

    What is the difference between XXUEMJ9 3.2 and the previous XXUEMJ8 3.1
    I have 3.1 crrently on my phone and it is rock stable? Do I need to update to 3.2 or not?
    I’m a reaal big fan of your work wanamlite is pretty stable and reliable… I would just like to know what does it mean the difference between each release.
    Thanks in advanced~

  • dudi

    will following these instruction change the knox counter from 0 to 1 and void my warrenty?

  • Antonio Ponzada

    Hello all, I am trying to flash gt-i9500 w/wanamlite with no luck. I always get stock at black screen after Galaxy S4 very first screen. I consider myself intermediate in knowledge since I have done a lot of flashing and unlocking with my previous SII. If I would get stock on something then just do lots of reading until I was able to solve this problem but not this time.

    I started from XXUEMJ8 android 4.3 and unlocked… from Russia or India wish I flashed about 2 or 3 weeks ago and running fine.

    Everytime I flash Wanamlite “GT-I9500_WanamLite.XXUEMJ9.V3.2.NO-WIPE.zip” from recovery “GT-I9500-CWM-RECOVERY-” installed via odin 3 all goes fine. It ask for reboot and the only first Samsung S4 screen and the black screen. If I reboot to recovery I goes back to the CMW where I’ve done all sorts of wiping with no luck and have to go back via odin to my previous firmware.

    Any help very appreciated.

  • avar

    is updating partions wide data?

  • acububad

    Hi wanam,
    Im happy with Wanam MH1 v2.0.
    Do you recomment from MH1 to MJ9 ( 4.3 WANAM)

  • http://thesmashingcoder.com/ Vaibhav Gupta

    no sound at all… tried after too many wiping and restarting… post a fix soon…

    • Ahmad El-Edruce

      Same goes here…mathrex won’t work for me so far

      • leondb

        No sound here either… very disappointed :( Hope there is a fix soon.

    • Chuck

      try this:-

      1) Flash CMW Recovery .
      2) Boot Into Recovery .
      3) Factory Reset -> Wipe Cache Partition .
      4) Now In Mounts And Storage
      – Wipe System
      – Wipe Data ( It Won’t Erase Your Internal Card )
      – Wipe Cache
      5) Now In Advance , Wipe Dalvik Cache .
      6) Flash Wanamlite V3.1 No Wipe !
      7) Reboot And Done !! With No Sound Issues..

      this method works for me..

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  • Arman Rüzgar Tokgöz

    Screen smearing continues even worser. App drawer is also laggy and when I want to install an apk I get an eror. I have to reboot and install the apk fastly. What should I do?

  • [email protected]

    Excuse me I have a problem with sound after flash this Rom.. Nothing sound absolutely.. Which decision?

  • KK Yasir

    @WanamXda:disqus YOu ROMs are always awesome.. i have 2 quires
    1. Why there is no Option ” Set Default Contact” in long press contact number in contact menu, while it was there is 4.2.2

    2. After Enabling Call Button in call logs why the Dialer icon is too small as compare to 4.2.2. bcz of these 2 reasons i am not keeping 4.3 as my default ROM.. revert back to 4.2.

  • Jheyson Mogollon

    How do I update if I have installed the version 3.1?

    • SiNxHaCk

      Just flast to latest. No wipe

  • Mariano

    As with previous ROM I’m get No sound issue and there is no way to fix it! I followed MATHReX method, flash stock rom and every method that I found without any luck…. I going back to stock ROM.

  • vinay

    can samsung watchon shealth apk working on ur rom

  • saxx

    Have knox?

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Yes, but disabled.

      • saxx

        Ok… and have the new bootloader?
        I can to install 4.2.2 after i install your rom?

  • Mariano

    Did you repacked an reupload the correct rom?

    Thanks. You made a Great Work!

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)


  • Carlos Sanchez

    Any chance of a full wipe wanam rom?

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      It’s the same kernel included on WanamLite 3.2.

  • saxx

    Has sound?

    • SiNxHaCk

      yep. u can try it. :3

  • ageng kadharman

    another update ROM…please let me try it Wanam…

    • ageng kadharman

      thanks…it run perfectly on my device….

  • Antonio Ramos Garcia

    Is it compatible with I9505? We have not any Android 4.3 for I9505 !!! please

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Sorry, i don’t support I9505 anymore.

      • Antonio Ramos Garcia

        ooo___ooo noooooo???? why???

        I9505 is the most popular here in Spain!!

        i donated some money for you. I love your roms.

        • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

          Because i don’t own the device, i took the decision to support only the devices i have on my hands, i keep supporting i9505 through my Xposed App.

          You should make a donation for what you are on your hands, not what you will get in the future, otherwise this will become a JOB not a hobby.

          I have no problem to send back any donation, i just need your Paypal email.

        • http://lexxy.de Lexxy

          Ohh nooo … the I9505 is the most popular here in Germany, too. I love your Roms!!! OMG

  • Cesar Angiolucci

    Just extract the zip, insert the folder wanam from adam kernel 3.3 zip, repack zip and flash ! Working fine here.

    Also, just flashed from Adam 2.0. Followed this steps and worked FINE without flashing stock firmware first !! :

    1) Flash CMW Recovery .
    2) Boot Into Recovery .
    3) Factory Reset -> Wipe Cache Partition .
    4) Now In Mounts And Storage
    – Wipe System
    – Wipe Data ( It Won’t Erase Your Internal Card )
    – Wipe Cache
    5) Now In Advance , Wipe Dalvik Cache .
    6) Flash Wanamlite V3.2 No Wipe !
    7) Reboot And Done !! With No Sound Issues !!

  • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

    Sorry, it needs a Rom repack, I moved somehow the kernel outside the correct folder I will do it tomorrow, if you already installed the Rom you just need to flash Adam kernel 3.3, or keep your current one, it should work too.

  • King Tryndamere

    Hey, this is the first rom i flash on my device and i have no idea what im doing, anyone mind guiding me through a couple of steps or referring me to a turorial?

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Wait for my reupload tomorrow.

      • King Tryndamere

        again, if you know of any tutorial please tell reply with a link, also, thank you for replying quickly and saving me from downloading something for no reason

  • Rui

    yeh i get the same problem and i thinks its related with the bad installation of the file because we get that error and installation aborted message after flashing.

    • Kloesen Tròn Vo

      Maybe, this error comes from a bad uploading connection or a bad upload host.
      I have this trouble, too

      • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

        I will reupload it tomorrow.

        • Kloesen Tròn Vo

          Thanks in advance, Wanam.

  • Dilgit

    In spite of the message, just reboot and it works!! It did boot fine but Wi-Fi is grayed out. It’s impossible to enable wi-fi. I tried to reboot, take out battery for a while but still NO wi-fi!!

  • Rui

    I get the same error as Dilgit posted but rom still boots, is rom file corrupt?

  • ithehappy

    Thanks boss. Anyone wondering, this update solves the stuttering issue in third party browsers and email apps, so it’s a must upgrade if you are on MJ8.

  • Dilgit

    While installing got this message: “simlinking… flashing kernel…
    assert failed: package_extract_file(“wanam/boot.img”, “/tmp/boot.img”)
    E: Error in /storage/sdcard1/GT-i9500_wanaLite.XXUEMJ9.V3.2.NO-WIPE.zip
    (status 7)
    Installation aborted

    What do I do now?

    • Amit Oren

      Same here… Wanam… Help Please…

      • vallabh v

        Just install Adam kernel 3.3 after the error from cwm and reboot… Else download the repacked file…

    • Denis Plyuschev

      me too… ((((