Adam Kernel GalaxyS3 V3.0 Android 4.3

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/!\ This Kernel works only for GalaxyS3  /!\

/!\ I9300  with Samsung 4.3 Roms Only /!\

/!\ Flash it at your own Risk /!\
Screenshot_2013-11-08-13-25-44 Screenshot_2013-11-08-13-28-05 Screenshot_2013-11-08-13-24-53


Built from Samsung sources MJ9
No Root resctictions
Init.d support
Busybox (/sbin)
Init.d support
Built with Stock ARM Toolchain 4.4.3
AutoRoot with SuperSU
CIFS, NFS, NTFS File System built as modules (Stored on “/lib/modules”)
exFAT builtin support
Stweak App support
Disabled Wifi multicast for lower battery drain (Thanks to Entropy512 and GokhanMoral)
Tweaked Pegasusq CPU Governor for better performance/power balance
Enabled available stock CPU governors (conservative, powersave,interactive,performance)
Disabled Android Logger
Android Logger switch trough Stweaks App (No Reboot required)
Disabled some useless tracers
Boeffla Sound Control (AndreiLux AndiP and Simone)
CPU Voltage Control (Thanks to AndreiLux)
MAX77693 Charging control (Thanks to AndreiLux)



Mirror1 (Thanks to Korumera and RomCook for hosting my files)

Make a Nandroid backup before flashing
I won’t provide any Odin package, so please no need to ask.

How to install:
Flash the zip file trough a CWM recovery

Sources :

Thanks to: Samsung; Google, Dsixda; Andreilux; GokhanMoral; Chainfire; Entropy512; AndiP; Faux123; Yank555; Simone

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  • yo soy


  • Pitter

    Support for galaxys3 gt9305 lte???

  • Frank Price

    Thank you for your great rom and kernel. I have a smooth user experience and am getting between 30 and 50 hours battery off each battery charge! I have made a small donation to show appreciation. Will you be doing any work on the Note 3?

  • D Sweeney

    You just Copy over the Adam kernel through CWM with Googy-Max2 Kernel 2.0.2,
    and do a wipe Dalvik Cache before system reboot, I’m ok at the moment with my device setup on jelly bean 4.3 Device: GT-I9300

    ROM: WanamLite.V7.2 with Xposed Installer and Wanam Xposed apk.
    Kernel: Googy-Max2 Kernel 2.0.2 — CPU set 2 Core — CPU GOV pegasusq etc
    CWM: Philz Touch Recovery
    OS Manager: Titanium Backup Pro — I froze/deleted some useless apps/Widgets
    Battery Saver: Greenify Donate — Used even on Some System apps
    OS power saving Mode: On
    I’m getting 16hrs with battery at 45% – Screen time on 1hr 50m 00s a big improvement compared to before :-)
    Any Questions let me know ….

    • Alfred Lim

      Mind I ask
      what are the apps you freeze?

      • D Sweeney

        Well its mostly everything to do with battery draining apps on your device, except media apps like the music and video players and viber, whatsapp, chatOn which uses push notifications which you will need not to be greenified if you use them..

        But this Link will give you a better understanding on how and what to do, so have a read first:

  • D Sweeney

    Googy-Max2 Kernel 2.0.2 kernel is another great alternative to this Adam S3 3.0 kernel, I have switched to it from this because I was still getting some of the bugs from the 4.3 ROM, like the phone restarted during a call, screen blackout for incoming calls, lock screen lag/response, battery drain still wasn’t acceptable for daily use, and on the audio side of the adam kernel when listening to music etc the audio would drop out/stutter at times.

    Googy-Max2 Kernel 2.0.2 has the same Boeffla Sound Control and a advance Stweak App support, where you can even drop the working cpu from 4, 3, 2 cores. and voltage tweaks and more, the ROM bugs I mentioned above are gone now with the Googy-Max2 Kernel 2.0.2 thats including the heavy battery drain, making the 4.3 ROM more tolerable, I’ll use it until the international version of the 4.3 ROM starts rolling out and WanamLite makes its version as usual,

    this is the xda link to the kernel if you want to try it out:

    • SkYz

      I’m running version 2.0.3. Seems to solve the lagging screen on problem. Thanks for sharing.


    السلام عليكم
    مشكور اخي محمد .. وللاسف ما اعرف انجليزي .. بس روم 4.3 ممتاز جدا ولكن عيبه اللاق في قفل الشاشة .. فهل هذا الكيرنل يحل المشكلة ؟
    وهل اركبه من الركيفري مود بدون ويبات ؟ يعني تصطيب عادي ورستارت للهاتف ؟
    + صارتلي مشكلة في الروم 4.3 … الكيبورد الرسمي من سامسونج لم يعجبني وفلشت كيبورد النوت ولكن لم يشتغل .. واختفى كيبورد سامسونج .. فهل هنالك كيبورد جاهز للسامسونج ؟
    وشكرا جزيلا لك يا اخي .. ورحم الله والديك .. وفي ميزان حسناتك ان شاء الله

  • depascal

    I installed adam kernel but I still have the problem of awakening

    • Alfred Lim

      I have the same problem with the awakening. Any work around?

  • Pavel Shpilberg

    There is a problem when some one calling you – you see calling only after two ring sounds on the caller phone. Is some one expiriecing something like it?

    • Angeles Fassio

      the same problem

  • eve

    how do i do crt and round battery?

    • D Sweeney

      CRT not official yet, But battery mod circle 1% you need to install Xposed installer, then Wanam Xposed app from play store and use it to mod your Device OS :-)

  • Dan Walker

    Adam kernel working very nicely so far – and yes, has fixed the sleep issue!

    • Alfred Lim

      Still face the same. Does it really fixed yours ? Cheers

      • Dan Walker

        after some trials. unfortunately, yes, the wake issue is still there.. takes at least two rings before phone wakes up.. and but shaky at that! maybe another kernel worth a go!

        • Dan Walker

          The google max 2 kernel mentioned above seems to work quite well now.. will let know if otherwise!

          • Alfred Lim

            Do you just install over it? Any special procedure need to follow?

          • Dan Walker

            Yes, just installed over top!

          • Alfred Lim

            Done that and it works great.

          • D Sweeney

            BTW there is a Newer Googy-Max2 kernel release out now if you want to try, battery drain issue looks solved :-)



  • RaYmunDooo

    Governor Ondemand -> Testing Mate.- Thanks

    • Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      I would recommend Pegasusq instead.

      • RaYmunDooo

        Thanks Mate.- Change to Pegasusq

    • pablo

      i am having problems to install the kernel, my phone doesnt starts and i have to reinstall the rom… i tried a lot of times…. ideas?

      • RaYmunDooo

        Raisins kernel cleaner before?

  • KI

    Is it support CRT?

  • Feisar

    Thanks, now the phone wake up super fast with zero lag.
    You are god Wanam! xD

  • RaYmunDooo

    Thanks mate