WanamLite UBUEMK1 V3.3 Android JB 4.3 Xposed

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Welcome to WanamLite Rom for Galaxy S4 I9500.

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Features :
 Based on the latest FW
 Stock Odexed & Rooted & Busybox
 Adam Kernel (SELinux Set to Permissive)
 Large APN list
 Debloated (removed Samsung Apps and Social Hubs, available on a separate patch)
 Clean build.prop for best Market compatibility
 Stock Keyboard with all supported languages enabled
 Kies support
 Wanam Xposed App (You can use it to hide the Knox notifications)
 Auto wipe cache & dalvik-cache before flashing

WanamXposed Features list:

  • Call Recording
  • 4 Ways Reboot (Reboot, Recovery, Hotboot, Download)
  • Full Color/Transparency customization for Status bar and Notification drawer elements
  • Secure Samsung Keyboard
  • Option to keep “Add Call” button with Call recording menu
  • Disable Camera shutter sound (+Screen Capture)
  • Flashlight trough volume button UP
  • Skip Music with Volume buttons
  • Save Call Logs View
  • Enable Keyboard Symbols
  • Enable Hangouts Calls trough cellular
  • Enable Camera while calling
  • Unlimited and Customizable Multi-View support
  • Bypass Exchange Lock check
  • Notification Panel Customization
  • Long Home key behavior
  • Long Back key to kill App (+ white list)
  • Disable increasing ringtone
  • Messaging Tweaks (raise limits and conversion)
  • Disable Scrolling cache
  • Enable Full rotations
  • White/Colored Circle Battery
  • Transparent Notifications panel
  • Customize Clock format and size
  • Customize Battery text helper size
  • Customize Quick Settings buttons number per row
  • Collapse Quick Settings after toggle
  • 2 line formatted date on the panel header
  • Dark themed Multi-Window
  • Disable Boot sound
  • Customize Two line date header format
  • White/Black Email App background (Supported on some devices)
  • Transparent Quick Settings buttons background
  • Default hidden SMS logs
  • Add Call button to Logs and Contacts list
  • Disable Accounts icons on Contacts list
  • Custimize Wifi AP Clients number
  • Disable Launcher page rotation
  • Add Exit button to browser
  • SMS Automatic input mode
  • Disable Call number formatting
  • Enable unlimited Contacts joining
  • Enable Gallery Rotation trough button
  • Set default Browser view to Desktop
  • Hide Wireless charging popup
  • Hide Full Battery Notification
  • Clock position Status bar (Hide, Left, Right, Center) (Compatible with I9300 and I9500 only)
  • NFC behaviors (UN/Locked on Screen ON/Off)
  • Hide Headset icon and notification bar
  • Disable TW DVFS
  • Enable TW DVFS Boost Benchmark mode
  • Hide Smart Stay, Alarm, NFC icons on status bar
  • Launcher: Enable Scroll wallpaper and Hide Dock labels
  • Disable Wake Home button
  • Use separate Address field on Contacts
  • Add Fast PIN unlock (to be used with caution)
  • Added SMS sent time details
  • Enable Screen ON options on Messaging App
  • Disable low Battery warning
  • Add custom carrier label on notification label
  • Set low Camera battery level
  • Change System Holo Dark/Light background
  • Acces hidden Lockscreen shortcuts menu
  • Disable SEAndroid/Knox notifications and container
  • Disable volume control sound
  • Disable low battery sound
  • And much more to come

Rom Changelog 3.3:
Update base to MK1

Adam kernel Changelog 3.5:
Disable Sec debuggers
Enable Front swap
Few other fixes

Important Notes:

  • Make a Nandroid Backup (Including EFS)
  • If you get a Bootloop, then you must flash Adonis pit as AP through Odin 3.09 to update your partitions
  • A Wipe data is recommended if you came from an AOSP or Android 4.2.2 based Rom

If you get no sound on the first boot, follow these steps (Thanks to MATHReX and Mohamed Ismail):

  1. Flash CMW Recovery .
  2. Boot Into Recovery .
  3. Factory Reset -> Wipe Cache Partition .
  4. Now In Mounts And Storage(Wipe System,Wipe Data, it Won’t Erase Your Internal Card ,Wipe Cache)
  5. Now In Advance , Wipe Dalvik Cache .
  6. Flash Wanamlite Rom No Wipe !
  7. Reboot And Done !! With No Sound Issues !! Enjoy..


Mirror1  –  Mirror2 (Thanks to Korumera and Romcook for hosting my files).

Installation steps:
 Copy my Rom to Internal sdcard
 Flash Stock Firmware with Adonis pit through Odin (No need to do it if you already flashed Adonis pit)
 Install an updated CWM recovery (, get it here, (Only if you don’t have it)
 Backup, backup, backup
 Flash my Rom from recovery
 Don’t use the Root option from recovery (you don’t need it)
 Reboot, Install Xposed Installer and install the latest framework
 Reboot, Install Wanam Xposed, enable it on the Xposed Installer
 Reboot & enjoy

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  • Mohamad Gaddaffi

    What about GT-i9505 ?? !! ???

  • Dmitry

    Im flash this rom, and see Text Scroll Issue (http://www.phonearena.com/news/Is-your-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-screen-giving-you-the-scrolling-blur-and-purplepink-inversion-treatment-You-are-not-alone_id42563).
    It very sad, bug is gone on my Wanam v2.0, But now, in Wanam 3.3 I see it again.

  • chraibi fahd

    est ce que cette rom est valable aussi pour le I9505 ?

  • LosPiratas90

    أخي محمد . شكراً لك على مجهوادتك الجبارة في إنجاح روم Wanam

    للأمانة مجهود يذكر فــ يُشكر .

    لك كل التحية و التقدير

    أخي العزيز

    أنا من فترة حدثت الـS3 الخاص بأخي و وواجهة مشكلة أنو غير معرف على الشبكة المحلية مثلاً شركة جوال عنا في فلسطين .

    أنا حابب أحدث الــ S4 الخاص بي و هي خصائصه .؟ ممكن تفيدي إذا بنفع أنزل الروم الخاص بك لاني من معجبي روماتك بصراحة من الــ S2 , S3 , S4 > هل بنفع أنزل رومك الخاص بالــ أس 4 لجهازي و هي مواصفاته

  • Shahzaad Tayob

    Hi does anyone know how to change the csc from MAT (Morocco)


  • saar

    Remove the knox and i installed it

  • LosPiratas90

    Hi Wanam ,

    I love your works

    I wonder if I can download your rom to my phone

    there is info about my S4

    Please Help me ?

    I don’t want to lose network registered ? our local network ?

    My device is Opened and rooted ?

    • LosPiratas90

      S4 info

  • Osamah Anwar

    Wanam, huge fan of your work for the GT-I9500.
    This is the perfect ROM for my phone.
    Thanks for the efforts and time you put into this.

  • djmx

    Dear Mohamed, Thanks for the brilliant ROM. which modem would you recommend for Morocco/Meditel ? I have EMJ9 but having trouble with delayed SMS

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      I have no idea, but i use MJ8 for IAM with no issues.

  • Ali

    Is it possible to use UBUEMK1 Modem XXUEMJ9.V3.2 ?!
    I try to flash it via odin but it failed. help me guys :(

  • Shahzaad Tayob

    Hi Wanam, After installing stock kernel i am unable to turn on wifi, Any ideas?

  • mertjean

    I’ve installed but the wanamXposed doesn’t command my phone completely , e.t not adding call buton , not call recording during speaking etc etc ..

  • Biohazard

    it’s stuck at the samsung logo without ending after installing the rom what should I do?

    • zasas

      Wipes all and its ok

  • Ali

    thank you for the effort! is this Adam kernel a downgrade from last post’s 3.5?

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Nop, it was a typo.

  • Monir El Barouzi


  • Omar jamal

    Are you gonna release one for the galaxy s4 I9505 version?