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This is a simple Xposed module to help you get rid of YouTube ads, tested on my GalaxyS3 and Nexus5 against the latest YouTube update (5.3.24), it should work on any Android device supported by Xposed framework (Android 4.0+).

What’s in:
– Remove YouTube Ads
– Remove Branding layers (Logo and videos suggestions)
– Disable Countries restrictions


– Xposed Framework (version 2.3+ , API 31+)

How to Install:
– Install Xposed Installer App
– Install Xposed framework through Xposed Installer
– Install YouTube AdAway App (download links bellow)
– Open Xposed Installer App and enable my App on the modules list
– Reboot

– This application is NOT a modified YouTube App
– You won’t get any (signature) issues if you update your official YouTube App
– If you get any issues playing YouTube videos you can just uninstall my App or disable it on the Xposed modules list


Xda-DevelopersXposed Repository.

Bug reports: Xda thread.

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  • Freshenstein

    This breaks the YouTube app with the latest update on my Note 2. FYI

  • Vern

    Thanks so much! Awesome app!

  • Denys Santos Sobrinho

    Hi Wanam, thanks for this app.
    But it would not be better to have this functionality in the app Wanam Xposed?


    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Nop, it wouldn’t be better :)
      Google will remove as soon as it hits the PlayStore.

      • Denys Santos Sobrinho

        It’s true!

        I had forgotten that this Google with this policy of blocking app.


  • RaYmunDooo


  • RaYmunDooo

    Thanks Mate