WanamLite XXUFNB3 V4.0 Android KitKat 4.4.2 Xposed

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Welcome to WanamLite Rom for Galaxy S4 I9500.
  • Flash it at your own Risk
  • Your warranty will be void
  • I don’t take any responsibility for any Damage

This Rom is a Stock Odexed with no Application neither Framework modification.
All my Mods are supported trough my application “Wanam Xposed”.

TNDoAGX Screenshot_2014-01-17-13-53-01 Screenshot_2014-01-17-13-53-45 Screenshot_2014-01-17-13-53-56

Features :
 Based on the latest KitKat FW FNB3
 Stock Odexed & Rooted & Busybox
 Stock repacked Kernel (Init.d support)
 Large APN list
 Debloated (removed Samsung Apps and Social Hubs, available on a separate patch)
 Clean build.prop for best Market compatibility
 Stock Keyboard with all supported languages enabled
 Kies support
 Removed Knox Apps & Services
 Added Media read/write permission for external sdcard
 Auto wipe cache & dalvik-cache before flashing

Important Notes:

  • Make a Nandroid Backup (Including EFS)
  • It should work with No-Wipe, but A Wipe data is recommended

Rom Download:


  • Removed Apps (MD5: 3101476B2C7FCE563C909E815BAA5689)
  • Modem (“Optional” to be flashed through Odin)

Mirror1 – Mirror2 (Thanks to Romcook for mirroring my files).

Installation steps:
 Copy my Rom to Internal sdcard
 Flash my Rom from recovery
 Don’t use the Root option from recovery (you don’t need it)
 Reboot, Install Xposed Installer and install the latest framework, install Wanam Xposed, enable it on the Xposed Installer
 Reboot & enjoy

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  • iovan iorgovan

    Hi Wanam. The battery low sounds are no longer working after installing Wanam Xposed. The setting is set to sound, but you don’t hear anything when the battery gets below 15% and 5%, checkout the screenshot. Other sounds like plugin charger do work.

  • Johan Neyens

    After installing the latest version, my local storage is not writable for me. The issue popped up while trying to update the Xposed Installer.
    I have cleaned my phone and put the official stock ROM (4.4.2) back on it.
    All is working
    Rooted it, still all working (update supersu)
    Installed TWRP (all working)
    Installed WanamLite and run into an issue again with updating the Xposed Installer.
    Ran the fix permissions within TWRP but still not working.
    Everything else is working fine.

    I am having a S4 i9500

  • paz

    I can not open videos and recordings I send SMS software What do you think the reason

  • Lennard Felida

    Hi Wanam when I try to copy files to my internal storage I get this error…. (see pic)

    I’m running the latest 4.4.2 for the GT-I9500

    And I can’t even install the closed framework..can you help me

  • abhay

    why do i loose root on every reboot? also my lock screen by power button is lost

  • Anthony Class

    wifi disconnects continuously!!

    el wifi se desconecta continuamente

  • Ali Tahir Chaudhary

    hello all i could not open my CWMode on my S4 GT-i9500 after I root it whats the reason ?

  • mmcyklo2

    Hi Wanam, is this ROM also for i9506?

  • Jirapat Sakudomchai

    How much of ram that it use? –> Less Than 750 Mb.?

    Does this rom battery friendly?

  • Eric Iván Domínguez Ramírez

    Can I update from wanamlite 4.2.2 to this version whitout loosing apps and data??

  • robert calsonic

    is this ROM’s SELInux is disabled/permissive ?

  • super saiyan

    please help me fixing this problem
    the writing problem
    for example when i try to install an app from aptoide it tells me ( couldn’t write to sdcard ) and doesn’t even start downloading
    another example when i’m trying to update the frameware from the xposed installer it tells me ( couldn’t extract…etc )

    • super saiyan

      ok fixed the problem
      turned out to be that it’s really matter to go to this rom from an official 4.2.2 or 4.4.2
      when i downloaded the official kitkat rom and tried going to wanamlite from there it fixed the problem
      but of course you need to root the official rom before you do that

    • super saiyan

      but small problem
      i noticed that the adam kernel is not there and it’s not available for the s4 i9500 kitkat wanamlite , only to the 4.3 wanamlite version
      so sad it’s available for the 4g version and not for 3g

  • sabirk

    hi can i use your modidfication without downloading your rom while on stock rom NB3 and can i root using philiz and then use your modification

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  • Ezzeq Ezzanie All Star’z

    Assalamualaikum .. Wanam please dont stop dev. for ROM S4 GT-I9500 .. please . fix the bugs..

  • Marco Parolini

    wanam, ¿adam kernel? its comming?

  • Victor Salvador Gonzalez Herre

    Wanam, you now Update to 4.1 or 4.5 etc etc, the ROM? :c i wait Update this ROM :/ i have a issue in sending archives (sounds, images, videos) in WhatsApp, Telegram, etc, anda can download files from MEGA :’/ please Update and Fix issue :c i not use FolderMount :/ this app is low, reduce the speed in saved files :’/

    Your ROM is a GREAT!!

    • Marco Parolini

      read my last repply…same issue…

  • Alon Levy

    Flashed sucessfully with cwm, amazing rom !! seems to be permission problems writing to the internal storage.
    Extracting files in download folder failed, Extracting to sdcard works fine.
    Any ideas how to fix that?

    • Marco Parolini

      flash a stock rom, 4.3 ie, then install CWM thru odin, copy wanam lite rom to sd card and flash thru recovery…

  • penn

    Hi, I have issue with my wifi. I saw it’s always on in battery usage while it’s actually off..is it something related to this rom or kernel.?I use twrp latest version downloaded via twrp app while I’m on stock 4.3 before flash this rom..
    Anyone? Thanks

  • Jheyson Mogollon

    Please, Adam kernel! !!! Or how set selinux permissive

  • Diego Lo Giudice

    Hello Wanam, have you had the chance to correct the issue with the Kernel being out of the correct folder on the v4.0 version?, is it safe now to to install without getting stuck at the Samsung Logo?; I don’t seem to be able to find the thread where you were explaining that you would correct this issue….

  • Ai Lai Phếchbúc

    i’m in stock rom 4.3 XXUEMK8. I’m in vietnam and we havent had stock 4.4 yet. so can i up to your rom directly?

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  • Tristan

    Hi Guys,
    Good day!

    This is what i did to install 4.4.2 kitkat

    I cam From CF Wanamlite for 4.3GB V3.4

    > BACK-UP!!
    > Wipe data + cache + dalvik via CWM recovery
    > Format clean sdcard+ext-sdcard
    > flashed XXUFNB3 official stock rom from sammobile via odin
    > Rooted via CF auto rooting tool


    (Flashed it Via odin)

    > flashed CWM Recovery – http://d-h.st/2Iu (Odin Version) Via Odin
    > Went to CWM recovery again Wipe data + cache + dalvik
    > flashed Wanamlite v4.0 via CWM

    >Restore apps+data


    I’ll let you know what can i observe.

    Thank you!

    More POWER WANAM!! 😀

    • Tristan

      Hi Wanam,

      Almost 3 weeks with this ROM : Great work indeed!

      Just today I notice an issue, my mobile data is not responding even though its turned on. there is no H or H plus signal.

      I have factory reset my phone but still the same.

      May you please let us know if there is a work around for this. 😀

      Hoping for your prompt response!


  • Shay Kissin

    slowing charging problem.
    when all the bugs will be sloved?

  • ayedarts

    do this modified stock kernel and this ROM still have sound issues ? (when the device just stops randomly delivering sound)

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)


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  • Shay Kissin

    symbol in keybord not work when i put V in wanamxposed

  • Shay Kissin

    STweaks doesnt work with this kernel.
    anyone have solution?

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      It is a Stock repacked kernel.

      • Shay Kissin

        and u work on version with adam kernel?
        i am personaly back to v3.5

  • Aditya Kesh

    Hello. I am running wanam rom android 4.3. Judging by the comments, people are facing some problems while installing the rom. I don’t want to make any mistakes while flashing wanam rom android 4.4.2. Plus i don’t want any data wipe. So anyone out there who’s flashed this rom, tell me the exact procedure to flash the wanam 4.4.2 rom. Also please mention whether the rom is stable and everything is working….(I mean EVERYTHING… even the slightest problem in the rom please mention)… Thanks in advance.

    Oh and I have one more question… Will my data get deleted if I flash the official 4.4.2 rom using odin??

  • Paul Cassells

    Clicking the “Modem” link takes you to the same URL as the “ROM” Link – Where can I find the official i9500 KitKat compatible modem for Wanam 4.0? My current modem is dodgy, I really want to flash the latest one – Thanks

  • havork

    Nothing I did fixed the problem, this ROM needs some serious work.
    Other custom ROMs like NeatRom and Omega work from the first time.
    Also you should consider uploading your software to Dropbox-like as users can always download the latest version.

  • gidian

    The (SOLUTION) for bootloop when installing Wanamlite XXUFNB3 V4.0 rom is simple:

    1. backup whatever you need from your phone’s internal memory on to your SD Card or PC (EVERYTHING YOU NEED – We will be formatting the ENTIRE phone internal memory) Note: If you have game saved files you need, i suggest you back up your “Android” folder (It takes a long time to backup but bare with it)

    2. Place Wanamlite XXUFNB3 V4.0 rom on you “External SD Card”

    3. boot into recovery

    4. Select Mounts and Storage

    5. Format Cashe

    6. Format System

    7. Format Data

    Note: DO NOT format Storage/sdcard1 – that is your external memory card

    8. Format Data and /Data/Media (/sdcard)

    9. Install Wanamlite XXUFNB3 V4.0 rom from your extrenal sdcard (In case you don’t know how: go back to the main recovery menu – select “install zip” – select “choose zip from /storage/sdcard1 – locate your “Wanamlite XXUFNB3 V4.0” rom and install it

    10. reboot from main recovery menu and enjoy.

    REASON FOR BOOTLOOP: Sometimes older roms installed prior to this rom leave prints (bits and pieces of data and information) that will not be removed by a simple factory, cache or dalvik cache wipe – FORMATTING WILL 😉

    Note: NO NEED to install stock rom then Wanamlite XXUFNB3 V4.0 rom.

  • Siddhartha S

    Hey wanamlite,
    Can you make a android 4.4 custom rom for galaxy trend duos gt s7392. There are no custom roms for my device so can you pls make one.

  • mooh7

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته جزاك الله خيرا يا أستاذ ونام لكن الحزمة أو الملف فاسد عندما أثبت الروم يعلق على شعار سامسونج ولما ثبت الروم الرسمي من الشركة اشتغل فما أدري ايش المشكلة فضﻻ ﻻ أمرا أريد منك أن تصلح الملف وجزاك الله خيرا.

  • mayerfarrel

    my IR remote doesn’t work… help me please…. thanks…

  • lele

    hi anyone has this problems :
    -no 3g data mobile
    -all share cast not functioning ??

    • Tristan

      hi im experiencing the same thing how did you fix this

  • Pieter

    Hi I am on Wanam 4.3. Please confirm the correct procedure to updat.

  • havork

    Can someone upload it as torrent please?
    I’m in China and the internet here is like when your done pissing :/

  • ML

    I am having a wanamlite v3.4 .. is there a special way to flush the new rom ?

  • Abrez Bin Abrar

    I’m facing a weird issue. I can’t charge my S4 while it’s powered off. It automatically boots up if I plug in the charger when it’s powered off. It simply does not charge now while it’s powered off.

    • John

      Download the stock firmware flash via odin after flash can via odin an install back wanam firmware it fixes the issues

  • lele

    hi wanam I have been using your roms for a while now here in Argentina …I have to say you’ve done a great job!! I only have one problem with this kit kat rom …my 3g (mobile data) is not working , I ve tried different módems, locations and reinstalling but nothing seems to work any ideas?

    • Tristan

      how did you fix the mobile data issue

  • Alaa

    got error

    status 7 :(

    • Alex

      same here.. I hope for a fix

    • Emanuel Agusti

      philz_touch_6.07.9-i9500 use this recovery!! you can flash it in CWM (put it in your micro SD and put it back in the phone) it worked for me!!

  • John

    Everything working good the only thing is that when i shut off my phone.. an put it to charge it’s booting up again why is this.thank for you work 😀

  • Guest

    Hi Wanam!

    Just in case you’ll get your Kernel Sources for Kitkat, would you include the Wolfson Audio Control in your next version of Adam Kernel?

    BTW, I am still on XXUEMJ8, if I flash this newer version of Wanamlite, will I still be able to connect to the internet, make calls and text messages with the old modem?

  • Zohar Telor

    But, won’t flashing a stock 4.4.2 rom first and them rooting it will set the KNOX flag to 1?

  • Oni

    Wanam, by any chance, if you can get your hands on the the Kernel Sources for Kitkat, would you kindly include the Wolfson Audio Control Mod? That would really be sweet!

    BTW, My modem is still on XXUEMJ8, if I flash this and keep my old modem, will I still be able to connect to the internet, and do regular phone functions like Call & Text Messages?

    Many thanks!

  • Lidor Kalfa

    here what i’ve done that fixed all the problems:
    * Wipe data + cache + dalvik
    * COMPLETE clean sdcard+ext-sdcard
    * flashed XXUFNB3 official stock with odin
    * flashed philZ Touch 6.07.9 though odin
    * Wipe data + cache + dalvik
    * flashed Wanamlite v4.0 though recovery
    * flashed removed apps though recovery

    it all the errors i had.. (write protection on sdcard, bootloop and so on)

  • Christian

    Its true this version rom stuck on logo boot, I’ve to wipe all data and downgrade to previous version 3.5. This version need a pit ??

  • Lidor Kalfa

    my sdcard has “write protection”, i cant remove or save anything in my phone.. why is that?

    • Amit Oren

      you must flash stock 4.4.2 prior to installing Wanam ROM. (in case you come from 4.3 or prior to that).
      you can flash it even after and re-flash Wanam. it will solve the issue without erasing the data.

  • Mohammed Abdulla

    hlla. im stuck in SAMSUNG logo. what should i do? even though i did wipe data.

    • Mohammed Abdulla

      solved it by flashing the stock rom then i rooted it then installed wanam rom

      • Santosh Abraham

        Hi .. can you please tell me how do i go to the stock rom and install the wanam rom again … I seem to have the same problem :(

        • Mohammed Abdulla

          Download official stock rom 4.4 from sammobile or anywhere else. Then install it by odin.
          Root your phone using CWM file.
          Install wanamlite rom without wipe data.

          • Santosh Abraham

            Thanks a lot !

          • Mohammed Abdulla

            You are welcome

  • citymen34

    hi wanam. this stock repacked kernel Selinux mode Enforcing. please help.kernel is not permissive. i don’t edit my sdcard

  • Riyami

    I haveerror during install:
    set_perm:some changes failed

    • Emanuel Agusti

      philz_touch_6.07.9-i9500 use this recovery!! you can flash it in CWM (put it in your micro SD and put it back in the phone) it worked for me!!!

  • emadelshamy

    after rebooting the phone hanged on Samsung’s logo :(

    • Santosh Abraham

      same here :(

  • Muhammad Shais

    am getting fcs of google do i have to wipe all my internal sd ????i wiped data system preload dalvik but google process force close constantly….any ideas

  • Sergey Bolbat

    Flashed this ROM using CWM and got stuck at Samsung logo after reboot. Flashed stock ROM with adonis pit – works fine. Flashed CWM with odin, then tried to install Wanam again and got the same Samsung logo stuck. Any ways to overcome it?
    Thanks for help.

    • Christian

      me too, downgrading to 3.5

  • Oni

    There is no Adam Kernel included right?

    • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

      Stock Repacked kernel.

      • Shay Kissin

        where can i find Stock Repacked kernel (i mean the adam kernel for stweaks) download for this version?

  • Aamir Jan

    Question: as this is based on the “leaked” version.. is this a stable version of your rom? Or are you working on it? As they stated seeding the official 4.4.2 update yesterday!

    • Bala

      its not leaked but an official base afaik

      • http://wanamlite.com/ Mohamed Karami (Wanam)

        Thanks, it was a typo.

      • Aamir Jan

        Downloading it!!

        • Abrez Bin Abrar

          Hey, were you able to successfully install this rom? If yes, what procedure did you follow?

          • Anoop Antony

            I also got stuck at the Samsung logo. But now its working great..thanks Wanam for the rom. “Intha al Batal”.
            What you have to do is this:
            1. Go to recovery.
            2. Do wipe all data and cache.
            3. Flash this rom.
            4. Restart recovery.
            5. Do wipe all data and cache.
            6. Go to advanced options and wipe preload, wipe data, wipe system and wipe cache.
            7. Then install the rom again.
            8. Reboot and Wait for your KitKat 😉

    • Am1987

      It’s official version not aleak.

  • Michael Hiller

    I haveerror during install:
    set_perm:some changes failed

    • fictisio

      me too!

    • Emanuel Agusti

      philz_touch_6.07.9-i9500 use this recovery!! you can flash it in CWM (put it in your micro SD and put it back in the phone) it worked for me!

      • Hendrik Coetzee

        Hi. I’ve got philz_touch_6.12.8-i9500 installed and coming from another ROM (Crash 14). I also get this set_perm:some changes failed (status7) error during install. Any help?

        • viet

          erro startus7
          6….( )
          7….(x) => ( ) ok. ínstall again

  • romcook

    All files in folder http://romcook.com/wanamlite/s4-v4-0

    Thanks Wanam,

  • YCC

    No ART mode ?

  • avar

    Salam. im still on 4.2.2, should i first flash stock rom before i flash yours?

    • Aamir Jan

      Walaikum Salam!.. You don’t need stock rom to flash this.. just go to cwm recovery(or any custom recovery you’ve installed), do a data wipe if you want.. and simply flash this rom.. it should work like that!

      • avar

        himm, thanks, im asking this cuz in previes roms (4.3). wanam said we should flash stock roms first when coming from pre 4.3 roms. just to confirm.