Adam Kernel GalaxyS4 LTE V2.3 Android Kitkat

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This Kernel works only for GalaxyS4

I9505  with Samsung 4.4.2 Touchwiz Roms Only
Flash it at your own Risk


Built from Samsung sources Update5 (NB8 – Kitkat)
SELinux set Permissive
Init.d support
Busybox (/sbin)
Built with Stock ARM Toolchain 4.7
AutoRoot with SuperSU
NTFS File System support built as modules (Stored on “system/lib/modules”)
Built-in exFAT sdcard support
Built-in NFS and CIFS support
Tweaked Ondemand CPU Governor for better performance/power balance
Disabled Android Logger (can be enabled through Stweaks)
Disabled TIMA verifications and logs
Disabled some useless tracers
Tweaked Ondemand CPU Governor for faster response
Remove Knox Apps

Changelog 2.3:
Built-in CIFS support and enable Clean cache
Update Root
Power off charging support for old Bootloader (Thanks to @Fenny)


Mirror1 (Thanks to Korumera and Romcook for hosting my files)

How to install:
Flash the zip file trough CWM recovery (TWRP is a MUST)

Sources :

Thanks to: Samsung; Google, Dsixda; Andreilux; GokhanMoral; Chainfire; Entropy512; AndiP; Faux; Jeboo ; Fenny; Hanspampel

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  • nick

    TWRP is a must LOL anyways flashed it with TWRP worked fine great job wanam :thumbup:

  • og

    Hi Wanam,

    Your instructions say: ‘Flash zip through CWM recovery (TWRP is a MUST)’

    MUST is something that HAS to be done.

    I guess you mean that you can flash them with both recoveries.
    At least, I have (succesfully) :).

    This kernel makes my S4 responds really fast and the battery life has improved greatly!

    Thanks, Wanam!

  • Jorge Illescas

    Hey Wanam! Some love to I9500? Can you give us an Adam for Kit Kat? That would be awesome!!! =)

  • Riyami

    Wanam please realease an update for I9500